My Experience as a Photographer

Well all you guys out there, how are you.It had been quite a long break for me from blogging.But love it or hate it, I am back!!!!!So lets get started straight away.

I have already spent a year in Deccan and if something kept me going is Photography.Whenever I felt that I have been bored to death by codewalk, I took a break and found solace in Photography.Its not only that putting up exclusive wallpaper like pictures on facebook that would attract millions of viewers(won’t mind if most of them are girls) and comments, but its the sound of shutter release that pleases me most.

I have started photography since I was seven and the passion has grown more rapidly than my hairs fell off. The first thing that I did after relocating to Hyderabad was to get a good camera.Didn’t  buy anything extravagant(frankly my budget didn’t permit), but my Canon has always delighted me.No matter in how shabby conditions I live in, but I always take good care of my camera(but the fact is , I have also dropped it a couple of times from my hand and it survived).

Being a photographer is sexy.Girls get crazy when they see a photographer at work(wish they could!!!!!).As a photographer, I would love to be alone when at work.It helps me to concentrate more.Also if you are carrying people with you they will get bored after a while when they will find you taking a goddamn macro of a flower for 20 odd minutes.So why spoil others party.Hence be self dependent and let yourself go.

Well if you are kneeling down on the ground to take a picture of a tattered leaf, then you will attract a few eyeballs.People might feel that you have lost your sanity(photographers are eccentric anyways), but don’t look at them and stick to your job.For that time being, a tattered leaf is more precious than any other mortals in the planet!!!!!So don’t backdown thinking what others will think, because if you have taken up photography as your hobby then you are freaking crazy anyways!!!!!

There are so many sources of distractions around.Well Hyderabad has so many parks around, which are really good for doing photography stuffs,but then when you find couples getting cozy behind every possible corners in the park it drives me nuts!I even tried out ancient forts and monuments but only found people peeing on the historic walls, or engraving their names or making  love  in deserted corners.

Other distraction is nature itself.It keeps changing so frequently.Very rarely you will get the right combination at the right time.Photography tests your patience!

As a photographer, I always ensure that I have my tripods, memory cards and batteries charged every time, because you should always be ready to pull the trigger, because  special moments pass away very swiftly, and you really don’t wanna miss them.

Well for an artist its the applause that keeps him  going and is same here too!So just pack your bags and move out and go click click.But do take care of one thing, don’t get so careless or engrossed that you lose your life.Its not worth it!Be safe.Moreover keep a national identity proof with you, as it may come handy at times.

As a photographer, I feel that one should always be aware of the surroundings.There are very sensitive places that you would like to rest your camera in your bags.So be anaytical and  take note of your surroundings!

The eyes of a photographer are his most precious possession.What you perceive is what you want to capture.You always do not need to go on a tour to do some good photography, but there are so many small unnoticed stuffs all around you, which can prove to be potential subjects.So keep an eye for such stuffs, and keep experimenting!

Well,  I know that you have got bored.So I need to stop now.Will share more experiences later.

Share your photography experiences with us……….

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For the first time in life,I don’t know , whether I am Happy or Sad.Its not homesickness.It’s something else…..I can’t figure it out……because my perception about life is changing with every passing day……..maybe this is the Real life, because it is for the very first time,that I have been exposed to the elements!!!!!!

For a small town boy,who made way to Hyderabad,accompanied by his parents almost a year earlier and that same boy,who makes his way to his cubicle after treading steep,dusty, hilly roads alone, it has been a long journey.The journey was not a very pleasant one.Friendship,love,affection,admiration also gave way to betrayal,backstabbing,hatred,jealousy.I  took them all in my stride.

Moreover,watching such different kind of people,than what I was used to see in my urban home town.Watching parents accompanying their child,oops sorry, child following their parents,as  they proudly enter the malls, really made me think.Time has really progressed too fast…..Once I was shocked to hear, a kid of around 7-8 years demanding a laptop, on the occasion of children’s day, from her father!!!!!She was very aggressive ……Classy people,classy lifetyle….maybe!!!!!!

Although I am complaining,but anyday,after 8 in the evening, you can locate me either gorging on a chicken snacker@KFC,loitering around Adidas or Lee or hanging around in the beautiful garden……infested with femme fatales…..but with most weird looking boy friends….off course money matters……so no time for love!!!!!!

Walking on Hyderabad roads has been quite an experience.Cars and bikes pop up from most unexpected places like girlfriends.Poor traffic  rules and Hot girls,in skimpiest of clothes doesn’t make life easier!!!!!

But,what we see is not real Hyderabad.Go to charminar,laad bazaar and you get to see real people,real Hyderabad.So I have decided to visit every nook and corner of this otherwise one the most historical city of India.Because it is the only way,I heal my bruised heart.So every weekend,I pack my camera and set off on a journey, to discover life, beyond cubicles!!!!!!!!!

Living in an apartment, which is surrounded by several others and from my bedroom,if you look around, through the window, you will find some of the most prestigious industries, which every youngster dreams of.But I dare to see beyond those high rises, I want too see and experience Life,as it comes.

The moment,when I am writing this blog, I have in mind several of my friends,who are making way to the industries, to achieve their dreams.I wish them best of luck, and I will also request them, to be themselves and maintain their identity,because over here it is very easy to lose it.Just be yourself.

So how smooth has been your road so far?????

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Its a night to cherish!!!!!

As I just keep on typing at a brisk pace from my cubicle, which has only one living being and from a nearly vacant office, with sounds of greetings and cheering flowing to my ears.Ya, its the last day of the year.A year which I have grown emotionally and professionally. A year that I will never forget, because it has been the year when I have rolled in dust and it has been the same year when I have tasted real success!!!!!

As the lights are shut off one by one, by the office boys, I take a walk down the memory lane.Early in 2010, I was just a 4th year CSE student, from Academy of technology, with no clear vision of future. I just enjoyed my life to the fullest.I used to reach college late, bunked classes, slept in the class, copied assignments shamelessly,had Fifa discussions in compiler classes, gone crazy with Sanu and did virtually everything that I didn’t do in my entire engineering carrier.

But sooner, we had to face bitter reality.We came to know that we are not going to get a good campusing.So appeared for every chances that our goddamn colleges gave , in unknown companies.Had to make several trips to Kolkata for off campuses, and every time rejected.As a cool chap, I never allowed frustration to creep into me, but it did when gradually my near and dear ones got job offers, whereas I screwed up in every single interviews.I screwed up GATE as well. And my entire life got screwed.I missed CSC campusing, due to illness and many of my friends who got placed or appeared there, claimed that it was my best bet.I knew that GOD has taken the reign of my carrier.With each passing day, college life tend to become bitter, with the tag of failure on me!!!!!

The day to part arrived gradually, and on the day of farewell I realized that it was all over.I have lived the best part of my life and I am going to lose all my friends, who weer really special.I prepared my mind to hit the streets of Sector V, with my resume and other credentials to land up in any software job. The parting day was painful and I could visualize pain in the forthcoming days as well.

Then I appeared for the last semester, which evoked no emotion or passion.It was like the last hurdle, which would render me the status of a jobless youth from an engineering student.On the other hand, some people kept on accumulating offers, whereas the others were left high and dry. When I felt it was all over, my destiny struck another severe blow. I appeared for another interview, everything went on so well, I was confidant that finally I have done it for myself.Finally I felt that it was the day, on which I could not have done anything wrong.I was ready to pack my bags and move to Bhubaneswar, but was waiting for a confirmation, but couple of days later, they confirmed that I had been rejected!!!!!I started suspecting my abilities and was on the verge of getting freaked out, every time I visualized my uncertain future.”But picture abhi baaki tha mere dost”.A MNC came to our wretched college, and they claimed to be the best Data warehousing company of the world.Who cares, I knew wht was in store for me there.A failure for the 18 th time.The ppt was long and boring(highly technical), and they claimed that they are looking for highly talented guys.I yawned and dozed again.I had no expectations from myself, but miraculously, these people had and they hired me, after  4 hours of grueling technical interview. So the world again turned to be a happy place to live in.

Then again , I had a tough time separating myself from my parents and homeland and settling in a goddamn place called Hyderabad, and till the very moment I am suffering here.I got a different perspective of the world. I have an identity now.I found great friends and colleagues and intriguing work, in indeed the worlds greatest Data warehousing company.But I have not even changed a bit, as I still continue to be lousy, unpunctual, indisciplined young pro.Kept on coming late in office, missed planes and did a heel lot of adventure, which were quite costly.I have spent six months as an optimizer.Loved every moment in Hyderabad, but not Hyderabad. I got great news of all my classmates got placed in reputed MNC’s after initial struggle.So there is happiness all over.

I don’t know what is in store for me.I am going to make some drastic decisions in the forthcoming year.There will be lots of emotion,dramas, edge of the seat thrills and you can catch they live and exclusive only here.Come 2011, and lets see what is in store for me.But for the time being, before they switch off all the lights, let me get my ass off from the office and cherish the last few moments of the year, where I got the true taste of LIFE……………

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This December!!!!!

There comes the merry time of the year,i.e. December.This month has got a very special charm in itself.From the perspective of an Indian, I can say that this is the most joyous month mainly because of the weather.Obviously,we cannot ignore the Christmas,which has grown bigger in India with every passing year, like Valentine day.Every one goes on vacation  or indulges in fun sports during this part of the year.It is the right time to go crazy and wild.So as usual I will tell you what no to do this December, so that your Xmas cake turns out to be sweet one!!!!!

Caution One

As the last week of the year comes by, the footfall in the night club rises faster than sensex.Not to mention, most of them happen to be singles.The ambiance,the music, the wine, can drive any animal crazy, let alone a partner starved singleton. So specially boys, be careful, when you make your move to the bombshell at the bar, or making sensuous gestures in the dance floor, because a bouncer like boyfriend always lurks within     10 m range of their mates.So if you don’t want to be painted black and blue on the New year’s eve, be cautious while you make your move.

Caution Two

I have watched a trend over here in Hyderabad and hope that Hyderabad youths are no different form others in India, that the single guys tend to ride their monster bikes at a killing speed.I don’t know whether the drones of machine really attracts women(atleast Indian),and in case if they do I am going to but a Harley Davidson on this new year eve. Anyways, I just want to tell my young friends with high adrenaline rush, that there are several other safer ways to find a girlfriend, rather than speeding on a crowded, dangerous streets, with no protection.Guys with a girlfriend in the backseat tend to be a lot calmer in their way of riding than the ones without them. Mind that in case you die for driving insanely, not a single girl would remember you as the world’s greatest Romeo, but you parents would lose theirs most precious possession.

Caution Three

As the common saying,Shop till you drop, most of us follow them as the only motto of our lives.So I suggest that you watch your step.Don’t go crazy over the year end, although you get many attractive offers, but some attractions can be fatal.I guess you don’t want to begin the next year with a huge debit on your back.Credit cards are like girlfriends, because you use them initially and then they make you pay later!!!!

Caution Four

Control your greediness, not in bed but in the dining table.Ya, we all know that during the festive last week of the year, we just gorge on pizzas, cakes, pastries at a quantity, which might make an elephant think, let alone your poor stomach.So enjoy the fireworks in the sky at 12 on 31st December and not in your tummy, in the loo.

Caution Five

Had enough of Gyans??I won’t piss you off more.So here is a suggestion which you can follow to feel different on the new years eve.Just run away from the maddening crowds of the cities to a quieter place.Go on a roof top, or a small hillock.Watch out for the fireworks in the distant sky.Watch out for the moon in full glory.Get into a flashback mode, and cherish the special events of the year,which is just about to pass by.This suggestion is only applicable for couples and if you are single, then try out your luck in nightclub!!!!!


So how naughty would you get on this December??????

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In Search Of a Home……

Home…..ya,that is the only term that soothes my ears these days. I am equally homesick today,as I was when I first stepped on to the soil of Hyderabad.As I am typing down these words,I can still see a plane flying high up in the sky,and it reminded me that I have to take a trip back home,sooner. Home is the best place for tired souls,like me to rest.But,for the time being I had arranged for a temporary rented flat.

Ya, from the very beginning of my IT career,I have been living with four others super talented fellows.For the time being,we are a family.So initially,we had rented a flat,at Vengal Rao Nagar,near S.R Nagar,Hyderabad. It was a 2 BHK flat, and 5 of us virtually jostled for space.But we never complained.The rooms were pretty OK type.Nothing extravagant.Our landlord had a small family of his wife and two daughters, and for your interest let me know you that I was not in love with any one of them.Our only mode of communication was the landlord’s wife, and we called her Aunty.She just managed to understand and speak English.Sometimes we suffered from miscommunication as well.But everything was smooth.

The best feature of that flat was the roof.Actually to be fair,it was the water tank.Me and my friends have spent several hours chatting,drinking(soft drinks,not alcohols) and gazing at the horizon.The sunset view was awesome.The roof had a soothing effect on me.The day my parents left me,I sat on the water tank till late night,thinking of what to do with this goddamn life,in this goddamn fast city.I was in a very irritated mood that day,but the awesome view of the sunset and the calmness all around calmed me down.Even laying on the back and watching the stars was also a good options,when we had nothing better to do.But today I don’t have that option.

The inevitable happened.Our office shifted to Hi-Tech city.We had to look for another flat near to the office as moving to office from there was not feasible.We found a room,double the size of the present one and cost too.Presently we are lodging there.Its in Madhapur,and we live in a colony infested with engineers and femme fatals.Our new found flat is much grand in size and style, and we don’t have to cram ourselves.But again I lost something……….

The day we packed our belongings and decided to set off,I began to feel the pain.Pain of losing another home.It was a day after Diwali.We packed all our belongings,which had actually tripled,since we came here.Thanks to our trips to the shopping malls.When all packed and done,we loaded all out stuffs,to the semi auto carriage van.It was the time to leave.I had the responsibility to check the cupboards,kitchens to search for anything we left back.Every nook of the flat I searched , I found nothing but tons of memories related to that particular place flashed in front of my eyes.After all the search,I found nothing but memories.As I was descending down the stairs,Aunty was standing in the staircase with teary eyes, and just managed to say “All the Best”.After a pause,she said “Language was the only problem”, to which I replied that “Language was never a problem”(Actually I had watched kites,the other night).Within a span of four months I lost another Home.I now firmly believe that we are emotionally attached to the non-leaving stuff called home and its surroundings,as we are to its members.

So how homesick are you??

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World of IT:An Insider’s View

Ya,the word IT has great significance to all the budding Engineers.Thats their final destination.The work, glitter, glamor,hype is good enough to lure them.As I had mentioned in an earlier post of mine,that how Sector V , Kolkata, lured me.I craved to be a member of one of those IT giants.That time,I used to seat in those tea stalls outside those monstrous buildings and watch those CTS, TCS guys and girls pass by,but today I am an IT guy!!!!!Today, I have had enough experience to share with you, about the world inside.

This world is quite strange.With every passing day I discover new things.I get to know more.The ID card that adorns my neck,which displays my name and the company I serve,has a great meaning.Every time I touch it, I feel a sense of responsibility.So I only wear it,while making an entry to the office and then I put it off!!!!! Every time I comfort myself on the cozy seat,I realize why I am here for.So, yeah , entire mental setup changes.But outside the office or between work hours I always chill out with friends,because I don’t believe in losing my identity.I still blog,watch movies,play games on LAN and do all other stuffs, which I used to do in college days.So I have not changed,but situations have.

I get goosebumps,when I see young people eagerly waiting for their interview round,with so much anxiety on their face and looking at me, and sometime even coming up to me and asking for suggestions and even calling me “Sir”.Jeez!!!!!!!They remind me of my days of struggle.

There is more to office than work.One always has to be on his toes while dealing with any of his colleagues.It is one of the toughest jobs,apart from keeping the manager happy.The environment here is quite different.People talk with each other mostly discussing work related issues.Most of their behavior seems fake.All of them seems to be interested in pleasing their seniors.I mean,you have to be very clever,to make your way up the ladder.Its a different game altogether!!!!!!

Being an insider,I can assure you that life is indeed colorful over here.High salaries,late night parties,shopping malls,girlfriends, pubs will become a part of your life.I know that it takes a lot to get into this world,but I can assure you that it takes more,to stay here.Among all the fun stuffs that yo do,its very likely that you lose yourself.Never allow that to happen.Always remember that you are still that young man,with dreamy eyes,who has set out from home, to conquer the world.So let nothing come between you and your ambition.Fly high,sky high!!!!!!!!

So what is your take on the IT industry??


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Diwali Dhamaka!!!!!

Hey,its that time of the year again.Its Diwali time.Time to light up your house with diyas,pradeeps, and to distribute sweets,family get together and offcourse firecrackers!!!!!!As usual,today in this post of mine I will tell you what not to do this Diwali, in order to keep your ass safe.So here we go,

Dhamaka One

Play safe with chocolate bombs.The name is sweet,but it can leave you with a bitter experience.Every Diwali is incomplete without the dhamaka of chocolate bombs.But make sure,you buy the branded and the trusted ones.Although I sound foolish(no doubt,I am foolish)but still,its more safe.Moreover,don’t ever wait too much to see if you have alighted the bomb properly,as I have seen many guys ending up with a burnt arms and face.You don’t want to look like a wimp on such a beautiful night.

Dhamaka Two

Keep your head safe.Rockets tend to plunge on you from any part of the goddamn sky.You won’t even realize,until you end up with a cracked head,or some other stuff.I know its very hard to follow,but staying vigilant is a way out.Watch out for the fireworks,but beware of the unwanted stuff, which can wreck havoc if it drops on you.

Dhamaka Three

We all love to toy with rockets,don’t we??Just release it from your hands and see it soar high up in the sky or into someone’s bedroom. The later case is dangerous.Many times it has caused deaths and fatal injuries.So make sure that you launch your rocket from a safe area with proper precautions.Fireworks are delightful only in skies and not in bedrooms.

Dhamaka Four

If you are of the kind,who likes to stay aloof from dhamakas and the unavoidable noise all around and just want to enjoy with your family indoor.Please keep the doors and windows properly shut, because girlfriends and firecrackers can catch you when you are off guard.

Dhamaka Five

It is always nice to celebrate Diwali with the most beautiful girl next door.Helping her out to light diyas or whatever.Lighting up fuljharis,rangmasals etc with her. But don’t get lost so much that the stuffs you are playing with can cause you physical damage. But that damage would be negligible if you can woo her.So go for it Tiger!!!!!

Happy Diwali,to all the readers of my blogs, and I promise to produce more fireworks in this space.

So what are you going to toy with this Diwali?????

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