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How to Celebrate!!!!!

Well, sometimes or the other we all get a taste of Success.Some just chuckles it away, while others love to display their satisfaction publicly.This post of mine is targeted to the later kind of people.So lets celebrate………. Celebration Methodology One … Continue reading

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Lets have some Music!!!!!!!!

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Another OPPORTUNITY lost……….

Well,Well,Well another opportunity goes begging.You see other people around you grabbing that opportunity with both hands and making the most out of it.But you missed it.You don’t have a time machine to switch back into the past.You have to leave … Continue reading

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What you should NOT expect from Friends

Well, we all have friends.They are assets.Here are a few points which will remind you about what you should not expect from your friend. <1> Friends are not meant to pay bills for your entertainment.Well once or twice its fine, … Continue reading

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BUS Etiquettes………

Yeah, its the most used public vehicle.Its cheap, fast , and may or may not be convenient.So here goes my five advices on what you should not be doing in that goddamn four wheeler. Take One Never run like hell … Continue reading

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Lets get wet in RAIN………..

Sometime or the other in your life you have got drenched in the rain.Sometimes it might have caused you discomfort, whereas sometimes you treasure that moment.Leave out discomfort, lets just talk about the pleasure. The moment I enjoyed most is … Continue reading

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What NOT to do in an interview!!!!!

Well,here I am going to share my experience , about how you should avoid some fatal errors, while you are on the HOTSEAT…….. Take One Before you enter the BOILER, don’t get blank.It often happens as you speculate what you … Continue reading

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