Kasab’s Death Sentence!!!!!

The court has given its verdict, and Ajmal Amir Kasab, the terrorist , has been ordered to be hanged till death.Finally the criminal, who killed many innocents, on 26/11, has got what is deserved!!!!! Moreover, thumbs up,for getting the verdict out on this issue, within a year.Thats a record in itself!!!!!Okay, now what I feel, is that if Kasab is hanged to death , then that will be an easier punishment for the heinous crime , committed by the Pakistani youngster.I felt that he should have been sentenced for life time imprisonment, in a jail, secluded from normal life.Let him feel the pain. every moment he lives.Let him repent, let him wish for death. I guess that would have been a stricter punishment and would have deterred other budding terrorists as well!!!!!Now, terrorists, who were taught to be Jihadis, at quite tender age, would feel that in case they die in their MISSION, they would go to heaven.So they are mentally prepared for embracing death any day,any moment.So I feel we should have set an example to those who are planning to launch attack on India, in near future, that in case they are being arrested, then they would have to suffer life imprisonment, and that would probably be able to deter them, rather than death!!!!!

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