INDIA WC T20 Report Card!!!!!

Well, team India had been shown the door, 4-5 days ago.We all are so disappointed.I don’t know what our great heroes feel.But here is my take, on the reason of team India’s  failure.

<1>Yuvraj,the superstar!!!!!

Well, I just can’t understand this fellow.Is he looking for a break in Bollywood??Or he is too tired changing  girlfriends from Kim Sharma to the latest Aanchal Kumar??Or he feels that he is above the game??Or he feels indispensable??He could neither turn it for Kings 11 Punjab, neither for India.Look at his body man, he is in awful shape.My neighbor uncle can walk faster , than yuvi’s sprint!!!!!!!!


He is a swinger, err, I just wanted to say that he just knows to swing his bat wildly, at every delivery, any situation, without sparing a thought for the outcome.He leaves his brain in the dugout and goes into the field.I guess the selectors chose the wrong Pathan!!!!!!!

<3>Pace Battery!!!!!

Pace,huh!!!!!Zaheer,Nehra bowled just faster than , the great Kumble.When opponent’s bowlers are just bouncing our player out, or knocking their helmet, our pace duo hardly managed to get the ball up to opponents chest high, and got thrasher all over the park.I don’t know what fitness they talk about, or rather they are fit at all??Their speed goes down every year,and yet they claim themselves to be match fit!!!!!!!

<4>Ravindra Jadeja,the free hit bowler!!!!!

I just want to say to Ravindra that,”Hey Ravindra, I invite you to our locality.A competition is going on,about who can hit the longest sixer.But we were lacking an apt bowler.But now, we know that we can’t have anyone better than you.So come on.We will pay you handsomely!!!!!”

<5>The Blues

Well I get blues every time I watch the men in blue take the field.But they should remember , what they are wearing.The shirt they wear, has a FIVE lettered word written on it,and a streak of saffron,white and green adorning their jersey.So they should know, what it takes and means to wear that jersey.

So what do you feel for India’s early ouster from the t20 WC.Do let me know!!!!!

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2 Responses to INDIA WC T20 Report Card!!!!!

  1. Pradipta Gure says:

    jata likhechis……

  2. Neo Jones says:

    outstanding observations…no wonder you are THE GOD….

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