Powercuts and its sideffects!!!!!!!

Powercuts has been a daily phenomenon, for quite some years for residents of the city of joy.Well I will just talk about five points, about how power cuts affect our daily lives.(Statutory warning:After reading this post you may actually fall in love with powercuts)

<1>It prevents gamers like me, from getting drowned in the virtual world, and reminds us of the forthcoming monstrous examinations!!!!!

<2>It prevents us from catching up with our girlfriends on social networking sites.Nothing feels like chatting with 5 girlfriends at a time, over five different chat windows.

<3>Couples grabs this opportunity or whatever , with both hands , for love making in nooks and corners of lanes and by lanes.

<4>Considering a house without those powerful inverters, which can even run an AC.This powercuts are a blessing for them in disguise, as the whole family comes together and the great “Bengali” chat begins.(Its not meant for Summer season)

<5>If its Summer, just go to the roof, as its the coolest place  out there and just look at the stars.I bet, u can’t have a better time pass, not even in the nooks can corners of lanes and bylanes!!!!!

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2 Responses to Powercuts and its sideffects!!!!!!!

  1. I love it becoz dat’s the time to gather on a broken roof.

  2. udit says:

    really powercut give the opportunity for all fakiwage (bluffmaster) to escape form work

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