Surviving the Summer ……..

Well its too HOT out here, and life gets even more tougher.So here are my FIVE strategies which will help you SURVIVE in this cruel season!!!!!!!

Survival Strategy One

Just Don’t loiter here and there aimlessly in the sun.Well,I know that its the most apt time to sport your branded shades and impress the chicks.But don’t forget to care of yourself, stay in shady areas, drink a lot of cool stuffs(not beer,in case you feel its cool) and  use an umbrella!!!!!

Survival Strategy Two

Don’t just sit back in the couch, turning the AC on and sipping your cola.And just don’t imagine that every drop of cola takes you closer to heaven(like Katrina does in the Slice ad), actually it takes you closer to hell.For more information you can have a look at

Survival Strategy Three

If you love jogging or morning walks, then make sure that you have enough fluid intake before you move out of the house to conquer the world.Don’t strain your body, as you can easily get cramped up in the middle of no where.And if it happens that if chicks are passing by while you are sweating like a horse and all cramped up, then its a disgrace for mankind, as well as you!!!!!

Survival Strategy Four

Wear white.Its not customary that only girls wear white and you ogle like anything. White clothes will keep you cool, and will enhance your style quotient.

Survival Strategy Five

Keep a bottle of water.Or Glucose water, which is even better.Eat green vegetable salads with your lunch.If you have been working or doing whatever in the sun, then first go to a shady place.Cool down, both mentally and phisically and then have the most precious liquid on earth, WATER.

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