What NOT to do in an interview!!!!!

Well,here I am going to share my experience , about how you should avoid some fatal errors, while you are on the HOTSEAT……..

Take One

Before you enter the BOILER, don’t get blank.It often happens as you speculate what you are going to be asked there, and about how much your parents expects you to get the job, or how you will celebrate after you get the job!!!!!For God’s sake, don’t revise your c,c++ etc stuffs before an interview,as these are of little help, and you won’t gain a vast sea of knowledge in those milliseconds.

Take Two

Move into the room politely.I mean don’t make a filmy entry, or bang the door shut, or whatever.Just Don’t grab hold of your seat , as if you were standing outside for decades!!!!!Only seat when you have been asked to.Try or rather pretend to be happy, even if you are not.Please don’t appear like a wimp, about to collapse any moment.

Take Three

Before you rest your ass, wish the interviewer good morning , afternoon etc.Make sure that you have a sound idea of TIME.Cool yourself down.Don’t give the interviewer a feeling that you were in a rush to go to the loo.Oh, I just forgot……..apply deodorant with a nice fragrance , if you smell like rotten tomato, but don’t use those stuffs which will suffocate the interviewer, if not you.

Take Four

Be confident, not over smart.Sometimes being a bit natural, does pay off.Try to maintain an eye contact, but  don’t ogle if your interviewer happens to be a beautiful lady.Don’t manipulate your answers.Try to speak out, what you feel, but don’t give foolish answers.

Take Five

Be sure of your every MOVE.It counts.Think of the positives and negatives of what you say.Think baby think.After you are done and dusted, say thank you to the interviewer, and move out politely. Don’t make a dashing exit, as if you have Conquered Earth. Don’t try to bully the people outside waiting for a chance.Just move out quietly.Don’t grab a microphone and declare that you have got the job, even before the results are declared.Persevere.Strange things can happen out there.So persevere.

Hey, have you got any better ideas?? Share with us!!!!!

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3 Responses to What NOT to do in an interview!!!!!

  1. Neo Jones says:

    hey how to score BROWNIE points man??

  2. onkar says:

    Never ever lie in an interview.Never ever talk too much else you shall end up providing too much room for the interviewer to exploit your shortcomings.Also don’t just keep mum totally.Speak little and sensibly.But the most important of all,never ever look at the watch…..

  3. Chandrajit says:

    Hey I did the step 4 at TCS.. 😛

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