BUS Etiquettes………

Yeah, its the most used public vehicle.Its cheap, fast , and may or may not be convenient.So here goes my five advices on what you should not be doing in that goddamn four wheeler.

Take One

Never run like hell to board a bus.It can be fatal.Board or get down from it, only when it halts completely,or be prepared to land in the Hospital.Pay heed only if your life is precious.

Take Two

Have control over your hands,feet or whatever in the bus.If your lusty hands are found in the wrong place, at a wrong time , then you can land in serious trouble.Considering the amount of girls take the Bus  these days, its more important to have self control.Better pop in those headphones in your ears, and groove to the music, rather than getting drowned in lusty thoughts.

Take Three

Move cautiously in a bus.If you step on someone’s feet, for any probable reasons, be ready to hear some of the choicest abuses.

Take Four

Use deodorant. Your armpits never gives out the best of odors.If not for yourself, do it for those wretched fellow passengers.

Take Five

Take care of your moneybag.I don’t need to tell you the consequence.

Share your memorable bus experience with us.

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2 Responses to BUS Etiquettes………

  1. somsubhra says:

    Yeah..I think you covered all the basic rules neatly. I just wanna add one important thing. Don’t be hell bent on boarding the first bus you see, even if it means clinging on to the windows or hanging precariously outside the door with your life in your hands. It isn’t the last bus in the world. You may reach your destination five minutes late, but you would rather be unpunctual than be dead.

    One more thing..I’ve also noticed young people hogging the ladies seats or those allocated for the handicapped even when elderly people request them to get up. I think this is pretty inhumane. If you wanna travel luxuriously then get a job and buy your own car or take a cab. The buses are meant for everyone and not your private property. Well, that’s my two cents for now.

    Btw, great blog Arpo! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more from you. And thanks for the link.

  2. Chandrajit says:

    Only one thing, it’s not fast. At least not in Kolkata… dey are they serious road jammers and slowest mamoths on road…

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