Lets get wet in RAIN………..

Sometime or the other in your life you have got drenched in the rain.Sometimes it might have caused you discomfort, whereas sometimes you treasure that moment.Leave out discomfort, lets just talk about the pleasure.

The moment I enjoyed most is when I used to go to tuition, specially at night time, and use to get drenched willingly, not even sparing a thought for the aftereffects(mainly high fever spanning a week).Neither can I forget those moments,nor my friends(Anirban,Victor,Swadhin).

The next best moment was when I was waiting outside Auxilium Convent gate , with one of my best friend Suprit Saha, who was eager to meet his girlfriend for the first time.He requested me to accompany me.Neither his girlfriend came, nor I escaped a fever(Actually it was a prank, I played with Suprit,but I had to pay for it, but I didn’t mind it at all).

The next moment I enjoyed, when I used to play football with my local friends in the rain, and even cricket sometimes(Don’t ask how).I still relish those moments when I used to dive in the puddles and slide tackle in the mud.

The next moment, i can’t say that I relished, but when in pain I used to go to the roof and get drenched and cried staring at the sky.Yes I used to do it.It used to work as a relief.Rain shares my pain.

The last but certainly not the least, was the rain on the way to MIRIK.It was foggy,raining and dim.Visibility was less than 50 m.I just asked the driver, to stop. Got out of the car, closed my eyes and breathed the fresh air.It felt like heaven.Just can’t ask for more from Nature.

Share your RainXperience with us.


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