What you should NOT expect from Friends

Well, we all have friends.They are assets.Here are a few points which will remind you about what you should not expect from your friend.

<1> Friends are not meant to pay bills for your entertainment.Well once or twice its fine, but don’t expect your friend to be your living credit card.

<2>Friends are not meant to be your gatekeeper.Don’t expect your friend to sit outside the room, and check for any incoming threats, while you enjoy yourself with your girlfriend inside!!!!!

<3>Friends are not somebody whom you bully day in and day out.Don’t forget that they are also living creatures, and has the capability to turn the heat on you someday.

<4>Friends are not your locker room.No lock in the world is safe enough to protect your secrets , so neither your friends are.

<5>Your Friend is not an emotionless creature.So don’t say or do something to him, which hurts him.if you do such things they remember that he will pay you back sooner than later.

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