Another OPPORTUNITY lost……….

Well,Well,Well another opportunity goes begging.You see other people around you grabbing that opportunity with both hands and making the most out of it.But you missed it.You don’t have a time machine to switch back into the past.You have to leave in the present, which proclaims that you have failed.While you are moving out of the Arena, you can hear the Winners shouting and cheering out of JOY.The Commoners are gathering around them to congratulate them.No one comes to you.You have to go home.No one cares for Losers.

Now there are two paths that you can take from here-

Path One

You silently make  way to your room.Throw all your bags and belongings.Turn off the light.Maybe shed a drop of tear or two.Then begin self introspection.Convince yourself that you had given your best but failed(but you know, that it was not your best).You start visualizing the winners out there, in their glory.Then you start feeling left out(even if you are not).Some where down the line you assume yourself as a looser.Its sunset time.The darkness in your room and mind grows.You feel tired and mentally fatigued.You finally fall asleep.

Path Two

You silently make way to your room.Throw all your bag and belongings.You start feeling that all odds are against you.Sit in front of the mirror.Have a look at yourself.Look at those curvy lines in your palms.Does these lines decide your future??The answer is a big NO.Stop criticizing yourself. You start visualizing the winners out there, in their glory.Feel the fire in your Heart.Feel the Desire to be among those winners.Feel the Hunger for success.Its sunset time.The darkness in your room grows.With the setting sun, your day of failure ends.Stop your mind from wandering.Self introspect of what you could have done better.You realize that you were not at your best.You start making amends.The more you correct your mistakes, the better you stay awake till late night.You are tired, but somethings stops you from falling asleep.Again you start visualizing the winners, and there is a twist, that you now visualize yourself as a winner.Then finally you fall asleep.

Hold on baby, there comes another Opportunity………..

So which path will you choose…………..

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3 Responses to Another OPPORTUNITY lost……….

  1. somsubhra says:

    Dude!! This is some sweet stuff you’ve written here. You’ve summed up the situation very nicely. I think some people need to see this post and self reflect on how they’ve been doing things and how things should be done.

  2. Santanu says:

    When will a Loser be a Winner ????…. Friend, u present dis topic vry beautifully …. i was enjoying it while reading ….

  3. avishek says:

    tor blog er overall look n feel ta bes valo ..
    keep it up dude ..:)

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