How to Celebrate!!!!!

Well, sometimes or the other we all get a taste of Success.Some just chuckles it away, while others love to display their satisfaction publicly.This post of mine is targeted to the later kind of people.So lets celebrate……….

Celebration Methodology One

This one is for all ages.Stretch your arms to the fullest(Make sure you don’t tear your ligaments), look up towards the sky or ceiling or whatever, and close your eyes.Feel as if Gods are showering their Blessings upon you.It feels great.

Celebration Methodology Two

The moment you hear about your success, just hug everyone around.You can adopt this method if you have good looking babes around you.They won’t complain, neither would you!!!!!You are guranteed to have DOUBLE satisfaction.

Celebration Methodology Three

Just Break into a Jig.Ya we know that you are no Hrithik Roshan, but still this is the perfect moment for you to SHAKE the world or at least your floor a bit.Play any weird music and shake your ass!!!!!

Celebration Methodology Four

Now this is an aggressive one.Thump your chest.Show your pride and anger to your fellow contestants.Proclaim that you are the KING.Show them that you are the MAN of the hour(But, for godsake don’t get into any kinda brawl, after all you are not the strongest creature of the earth and neither would you like to celebrate with a broken tooth or anything else!!!!!)

Celebration Methodology Five

Just flaunt your Birthday Suit(If not naked, you can be in your bare essentials).Run like crazy.Smash anything you like.Shout out inexplicable stuffs.Try Somersaults.Go to the roof top and shout whatever you like.If you get caught by the police for your outrageous Act then don’t blame me.

So how will you Celebrate?????

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3 Responses to How to Celebrate!!!!!

  1. somsubhra says:

    You know that there is a thin line between success and failure, don’t you? Some of your methods are just not suitable to be adopted in any formal environment (read within college campus or interview hall). Let us take some examples:
    1) X finds success in campus recruitment. He choses to follow your second methodology…finds SNS sir within his vicinity..bear hugs..gets bitch suspended..success turns to failure or if you’re really unlucky..death.
    2) X finds success in campus recruitment. He choses to follow your second methodology…finds SRD within his vicinity..bear hugs…sujoy gets turned on..X is taken to a secluded location (preferably one with surrounding bushes and which is dark and damp)..the poor guy’s virginity is stolen..he gets sexually violated, becomes mentally traumatized and goes into a coma…success turns to failure…at least for him.
    3) The third and potentially the most dangerous scenario…X finds success in campus recruitment. He choses to follow your third methodology…goes into a mad jig..pant splits in half from all the strain…suddenly a dude appears…X asks for his pants for the time being..dude turns out to be the HR manager for the company which just hired him..the rest, I believe, you can imagine well…..

    So yeah. Be cautious of your surroundings first…then feel free to express yourself as much as you like.

  2. Santanu says:

    Be aware of getting DOUBLE satisfaction … after getting success u hug the babes around you and then u will surely get the DOUBLE satisfaction …….. when u will get the medicine immediately….. Because the boyfriends of those babes will also hug u in a tight way…….
    Hope u will understand it ….. so be satisfy with FIRST one ….. DON’T jump for the next one always !!!!!………………

    • onkar says:

      i think santanu my friend above is actually the best suited for the tight hugging methodology……yes he can make great use of his HEIGHT!!!!

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