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Adiós mess life!!!!!

Life in mess is Messy(Not Lionel Messi).I am using the term mess in this post, which means rooms rented by engineering students.I have never stayed at a mess, anyday.But I frequented them so much that I have quite a good … Continue reading

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Long Journeys………..

We all love to have long journeys, which takes us away from the schedule of daily life, hustle and bustle of the metros.Basically we take  a car to go for a long drive or board a train to move to … Continue reading

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Train Etiquettes………

We all travel by train(this post is not meant for richie-rich,who never saw one).As far as WB is concerned, the local trains are crowded anyways.Whether be it Howrah main,Chord,or Sealdah.You need to have certain level of stamina to create space … Continue reading

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A dream journey…..

Yeah,its all over.Always felt that it will be good to get rid of that goddamn semi-rural area of Adisaptagram,but not now.The last time I walked out of the gates of Academy of Technology on June 15,2010 at 3:15 pm,I turned … Continue reading

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Beach Story!!!!!

Well,we all love beach holidays.India has got quite a few quality beaches.Exotic beaches of Goa,Kerela to bong favs Puri and Digha(The later two are far from being exotic).Well, all of you guys and girls, who have grown up watching Baywatch, … Continue reading

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Bangali,Futball and The World Cup………

Can you name the favorite sport of Bengalis??Nope, you wont score any Brownie points for guessing it,its Football, err, Futball!!!!!Well you thought that the greatest club rivalry is between ManU and Liverpool, or Barcelona and Real Madrid.Forget it!!!!!Its Mohan Bagan … Continue reading

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Well, four years of my college life,no,four best years of my life is coming to an end.With every passing days it seems that someone is dragging me away from my second home, my Masti ki pathshala!!!!! While I am writing … Continue reading

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