Six Sins………….

As an engineering student, we all commit blunders.I am special, so I committed not one,not two but six deadly blunders.This blog is just a listing of them that how you do wrong things in right places.

Sin One

Name of Company: Taragana

Venue: Somewhere in Kolkata

Sin: Cleared the first round of aptitude and programming with perfect TEAM WORK.In the next round, we were expected to write a Java program to prove our programming skills.The program was a tricky  one.I did the almost  correct solution in first attempt
.Then got a spark of brilliance.Slashed the program, and wrote a more complex version, using pointers in JAVA.(Pointers in Java is forbidden)So my entry in Taragana was forbidden.

Sin Two

Name of company: Connectiva

Venue: Somewhere in Sector V, Kolkata

Sin:Actually in the prelims, i had cleared 4 Rounds, to reach the finals.I needed to clear more 3 to get the desired jobs.It was supposed to be a grueling Technical round, based on Unix,Dbms.Post lunch,when my turn arrived, I was confidant of making it, as all people before lunch made it to the next round.Had a good session of interviews,as I answered most of them correctly and was satisfied.Now you might be thinking where is the blunder……The blunder was that I didn’t knew the name of CEO of the company.So they booted me out in the technical round.

Sin Three

Name of Company: Parasoft

Venue: College

Sin:Again had a session of perfect TEAM WORK.However only I get selected for some unknown reason.The entire campussing was abandoned for reasons, to which I had no role to play.

Sin Four

Name of Company: Microland

Venue: In a marriage Hall, somewhere in Kolkata

Sin:A morning marked with hardships was going perfectly for me when I sailed through aptitudes,Gd’s.Then came the turning point, in the HR cum technical interview.The interviewer was quite impressed initially.But later she got pissed off when she found my career  aspirations to be WEB Designing.I couldn’t convince her that I was ready for embracing Networking, which was the domain of the company.She tested me with some flat questions on Networking to which I answered positively, until I forgot the Exact name of LAN wire, used to connect the pc’s in an organization.She forgot to call me for the next round!!!!!

Sin Five

Name of Company: Xorient

Venue: Somewhere in Kolkata

Sin:Cleared the aptitude round.Quite surprised.Then the next round was supposed to be a GD round.My GD group seemed to be quite a timid one, until they started.Just could not compete with human beings, who throw up 5 stats / sec.So got rightly kicked out at the right time.

Sin Six

Name of Company: Mindfire

Venue: College

Sin:Cleared the aptitude with confidence.Cleared the first technical round, comfortably.The second technical was a cakewalk, compared to the first.So where did I commit the sin??No, this time I didn’t commit any.My destiny did.Got negative results four days later.

Now I am waiting for Sin Seven…………………..

You might be wandering, whats wrong with me?????Even I am thinking same as you are……..But when all odds are against me, I always find a bit extraaaaa…………….

So what Sins have you committed????????

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3 Responses to Six Sins………….

  1. fhubho says:

    I got in Satyam….
    telling d truth,interview could be massacre in several ways…
    1.d door banged with noise at first
    2.i spoke only 3 lines in “abt myself”…they asked ” dat’s all”,i resume again…hihaa
    3.didnt know wht is cntxt
    4.i created object of parent class in child class….maybe they didnt recognize dat….
    all happened with me…..i feel like f***ed up
    apti cleared easily…den gd/hr cleared..

    again screwed in technical….but they send me 2 nxt round
    now d sensational part comes….a damn hot mam took my hr…
    naturally…i tried a bit of flirt…couldnt help myself….actually dat comes in me naturally….
    at last they kicked me out….

    d interviewer had a quite unique accent….asked twice/thrice “what sir”
    after getting confused abt web logics…they again kicked me out…

    well,naturally in d 4 years of,i studied as little as i can….never got more dan 25 in any internal & out of 30 ,they send avg 22 for me…
    somehow i managed 2 get 7.8 cgpa….
    As a result, i depend on interviews on my mannagement skill rather than technical knowledges…..hehe
    but dis arpa,dearest friend of mine is a technical expert along with perfect accent & attitude….i just couldnt help but seeing him disappointed after every interview………as he is much more deserving than me or anyone else….but everytime he came back & tried a little harder….wish u all d best bro…
    I think u r overqualified for all d companies u tried…better luck nxt time..u better get d job nxt time or I will beat u 2 hell..

  2. Neo Jones says:

    goodness gracious!! i made only 1 sin…and may the Lord forgive me for that single mistake!!! he he!!

  3. Lucky dat I skipped the first sin…..
    but quite unluckily…. sins could not skip me ever after…

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