Every time I stroll down the streets of Sector V , Kolkata, I get goosebumps.I look up and watch those array of high rise buildings, almost touching the sky.Some of them have got glass coverings, which reflects the color of the sky, and has got the names of the giant multinationals inscribed in such a way, that it will catch the fancy of any budding engineers.I always wonder, what goes inside those blue eyed giants.

As I move down the semi glossy street, like a stranger,with  cars (most of them are brand new,or at least they seem to be)and buses whizzing past me every 5 secsI see handsome men and beautiful women pass by, with their i cards hanging from their neck.They are everywhere.In every possible nooks and corners of Sector V.Most of them are heard talking in a typical language(5%Bengali or Hindi,95% English).Maybe that 5% is to show that they are still Bongs!!!!!I feel that they are worse than Anglo guys.The name of the MNC they work for is printed along with their personal photo on that I card.It might be a show off stuff for them.For me,its Desire.

Its lunch time.the Sun is at its scorching best.Those people inside those monstrous  buildings  seemed to be as hungry as me outside.I was having a bread toast outside, in one of those million roadside chaiwala.Suddenly I found young men and women, flocking outside the MNC gates, as if they have released from jail after 6 months.Then they gathered around those roadside chaiwala, roll stalls and all and started gobbling those inedible stuffs.Believe me, those stuffs they sell out there are inedible. The only difference between them and me is that I was  smelling like a rotten tomato and they had put on such  perfumes that will turn ON any animal,let alone me. There is one and only one Subway,and none of the engineers even looked that way.I could only see few Anglo people gorging on some pizzas and burgers.Maybe the blue eyed monster treats its children miserly.I immediately wished  to join those gang of people in no time.Hey, not those outside Subway, but with those inside!!!!!

Its evening time.Time for me to return to my palace.But those young and vibrant bunch of people have disappeared somewhere.There is an eerie silence other than those screeching noise of buses and fanciful horns of cars.Maybe, those people inside those high rise has more work to do than me!!!!!I had experienced one of the strange sunsets in my life.I could only see the crimson lights filling up the sky, but not the sun. Maybe in order to have a glimpse of the sun(You don’t need to pay for it) ,you have to find a place in the  heart of the monster.As I was dragging myself out of the wonderland, I turned back for the very last time.The street was lightened up, with mercury lamps and the high rise buildings were glowing brightly and proclaiming their grandeur.I said to myself,I want to return to this place again, not as a stranger, but as its dearest Son!!!!!

Share your most dearest wish with us.

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2 Responses to Wishes…………..

  1. Neo Jones says:

    the best one that i’ve come across so far…man u rock!!!wat a thought!!

  2. avishek says:

    arre amio toh ei kotha guloi bolte cheyechilam ..:)

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