Semester Woes!!!!!

Whoa,the Semester is the most dreadful time, in the life of any engineering students, irrespective of individual brilliance,stamina, focus etc etc.Ok, if you are from non engineering background then this post will enlighten you about the pains and hardships in the life of an engineer.And if you are an engineer, then you won’t lose anything if you read this post, as you don’t have anything better to do either, do you.So lets begin the journey of describing the Semester woes-

<1>Well,Well,Well 1 week is all an engineering student needs to mug, err , prepare for the semester.How we do it??Well its a cumulative effort.You will find engg students a week before the semester, rushing to their friend’s house or mess to grasp the vital concept, which they never felt like taking a note when taught in the Class!!!!!Now you think that these guys head straight to their friend’s place and study??Forget it!!!!!They will start chatting about latest movies,college bombshells,have a microscopic look at the Bolly or Holly heroine semi-nude posters, may have a peg or two of Somaras and if some energy left after that,then study!!!!!

<2>Before the Semester night,all engg students(leave out those few abnormal creatures,this post is for healthy human beings)feel nervous or rather perplexed.If the paper is supposed to be Circuit theory next day, then it is guaranteed that he will head to the loo at least 4-5 times that night.He just stares blankly at the clock which seems to be running faster that Usain Bolt.Lot of topics to cover and hardly any time left.Then he starts speculating the questions.He calls up ever possible friend to check whether the questions have been Leaked.If yes, run and check your email.Else get lost in Matrix.

<3>The judgment day has arrived.He  reaches the college nearly    an hour before the exams.With passing time he only gets more perplexed as he gets to know about more and more probable questions and thousands of solving tricks.He runs form person to person gathering concepts.Gosh, the bell rings.Exam has begun.he flicks through his notebook for the last revision.Finally,he heads towards the examination hall,in timid gait,as if he is going to be hanged.He checks his either pockets, to feel the presence of his Savior.

<4>He gets his question paper.Bingo, the questions are so easy.Flips the page, and gosh……what the hell are these????? He finds most of them uncommon.But,why worry?????He has his Savior resting in his pockets.He has a good look at the examination hall.Hold on!!!!Whats that????A beautiful girl sitting on the other side.She is a Junior.In tight jeans and top she is looking like………He starts daydreaming about all possible relation and stuff that he can have with the Girl.He stares at the girl more frequently than the question paper.Shit!!!!!That poor fellow forgets some of the vital problem solving concepts.He goes blank.He gets sudden urge to pee(You know why!!!!!).But has to wait, as his friends had greater urge to do the same business,and they are not even willing to return from Toilet.Wait,Wait,Wait and Ogle!!!!!

<4>Whoa,he gets his turn to go to the Toilet.Search for his Savior, err, cheats.Start mugging up,behind closed doors.Ok,its 15 minutes,from the hot seat,its high time to return.Run!!!!!Back in the Hot seat.Start writing like Hell.It goes fine.Even if he doesn’t, who cares.He will only care for it, when the results will be Out.All done, he leaves his seat like a Winner.Moves out of the hall,closes his eyes,and inhales the fresh air.He got rid of that subject for ever!!!!!

So what about your Semester blues?????

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One Response to Semester Woes!!!!!

  1. Neo Jones says:

    it’s only red man!! i mean ppl will turn read when they find so much of truth inscribed here!!!good job…

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