Well, four years of my college life,no,four best years of my life is coming to an end.With every passing days it seems that someone is dragging me away from my second home, my Masti ki pathshala!!!!! While I am writing this post,the storm outside is soothing me with its cool breeze,and the storm inside me is making me more restless, several flashes of events,in my college life, is sweeping across my mind. Today I will make you smile with few of the most weird event I have faced in my college life.Smile today,Cry another day……….

Weirdos One

It was during the first semester.In the afternoon, someone came and declared that the results are out.I was in the C lab.I rushed out in no time and headed for home.Boarded the Bardhaman Shealdah local,got down at Bandel and changed the platform to board the Bally Bandel local.I was quite scared that day,afterall it was my first semester result.I was trying to calm down,but couldn’t.After boarding the train,I found the compartment petty congested, which is uncharacteristic of Bally Bandel local.Anyways, I was quite surprised to see,the doors being blocked with huge gunny bags.The train started to move.I suddenly realized that I had made a fatal mistake.the train was moving in opposite direction.Gosh!!!!!I boarded a Katwa Local.I some how managed to push myself out through those gunny bags at Bansberia.There was an eerie silence in that station.I just changed the platform to catch the train back to Bandel.The platform had a deserted look.Some street children were playing.I asked them about the next train.They said “Ei Line e train ase na“(they meant to say that the down line is abandoned!!!!!).I got the shock of my life, when I came to know that the next train was about 2 hours late.After a lot of hassle, I was back in front of college gate, at 8 in the evening.Thats what you call to be back in square One.

Weirdos Two

This incident is actually not related to me.But it happened with my friend Bijoy(name changed).He and his best buddy Som(even my best friend),once boarded train from Uttarpara,to come to college.The train was too congested on that day.Sujoy was moving gingerly behind Somsubhra.Somehow they managed to get in.They had few people at their back, trying to squeeze in.Sujoy said to Somsubhra, in angst voice, “Ektu age chol,pichone ROD dhuke jacche“(Please keep moving,I have got a ROD up my ass****) .Jeezzzz!!!!!

Weirdos Three

As my college mates know, that I never buy a ticket to board a train.So a strange incident happened in second year of my college life.Me and Gourab(I call him GG),boarded the goddamn Bardhaman Shealdah again,got down at Bandel,to change train.I feared the TT’s like monsters.I avoided them successfully for nearly two years,until that day.I saw a TT was inquiring few passengers about their tickets and stuffs.I didn’t even look at him.I was trying to get my ass off from that place.Suddenly,I heard a faint noise of TT calling me, I pretended as if I heard nothing.Suddenly I heard GG calling me,”Ei Arpa,Kaku toke dakche“.I had to surrender.My friend did me in.When the TT was charging me, for not having a ticket,GG was almost on his knees, pleading for me.He folded his hands, and said “Please,please Kaku oke chere din…...”.The TT was surprised.Had to pay few though.Such was,err, is our friendship!!!!!

Weirdos Four

Somnath,the rock star from ICE.He had a strange fetish for Max Payne,the Computer game.He used to call me up every now and then to know how to move through a certain stage of the game.Once in the middle of the night,he called me up and asked, “Pete Guli legeche??Ki korbo??”(I am shot,what shall I do??)……I replied “Hospital e ja…..”(Visit a Hospital)!!!!!

Weirdos Five

This one is a recent one.Me and Sanu, we were loitering aimlessly in Dharmatala, later Onkar joined us.I was hell bent on buying a ManU jersey.Bought one.Then we went on and boarded a Howrah bound Mini Bus.What happened after that is awful!!!!!Bhojpuri songs were being played, one after another.Sanu unleashed the singer in him.He started mouthing those absurd songs,in his own style and got out of his mind(he is always out of his mind anyways).Me and Sanu were seated on the last row, and Onkar sat in the previous seat.Sanu started banging Onkar’s head , his seat like his newfound Tabla.Everybody was staring at us.A few more second of those madness from Sanu,they would have chucked us out of the bus.I stopped him,and hence reached home safely.

Are you more weird than this guy??Let us know!!!!!

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3 Responses to Weirdos………….

  1. I love his crazyly made song… lal sari…

  2. Neo Jones says:

    yup!! sanu can be crazy and i think he was hell bent on being crazy that day..

  3. somsubhra says:

    Arpa my dear ol’ pal… what was the point of changing the name to Bijoy if you’re gonna spill out the real name in the very next line? Not that it matters though…I’m sure everyone would’ve understood who the culprit in question really is.

    And the third incident is so sweet. Gourab obviously realized that what his dear friend Arpa was doing is clearly illegal and unjust. So he tried to pull him back to the side of righteousness. He even offered the TT his life’s savings of Panu dvds if he let Arpa go. It pains me to see that Arpa failed to realize the great sacrifice that Gourab made that day……

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