Bangali,Futball and The World Cup………

Can you name the favorite sport of Bengalis??Nope, you wont score any Brownie points for guessing it,its Football, err, Futball!!!!!Well you thought that the greatest club rivalry is between ManU and Liverpool, or Barcelona and Real Madrid.Forget it!!!!!Its Mohan Bagan and East Bengal.The emotions.passion,enigma it generates, is incomparable.Just ignore for the time being , the amount of life it has claimed!!!!If you thought that you will get amazed to be at the Old Trafford, then I can guarantee that you will faint at Yuvabharati!!!!

Every bongs,be it baccha, kaku or dadu,loves to kick the Ball(no pun intended).Just give them a soccer ball, thats it!!!!!They will set up a goal,with their slippers.You may wander about the height of the goal,well its negotiable.The width of the goal can vary from the width of doghouse to the distance between two legs of Colossus.No referee,linesmen needed.The players are good enough to settle any disputes, both orally and physically.You may wonder about the formation and tactics deployed by the bong street football players.Well there is no formation,there is only one goalkeeper.The goalkeeper is the only soul in charge of the defense. Well the rest of player has got only one job,to run after the ball and snatch it from the opponent in any possible means.You can see all 10-12 players running after the ball and landing deadly kicks, seldom on the ball, and often on the opponent.Give them rain,and they will show you the way slide tackles are meant to executed.A single man is capable of grounding 3-4 opponents or friend with a perfectly executed slide tackle.Jesus!!!!!And forget about ball passing,the logic here is pretty clear,you have earned the ball and its you who is going to score,even if it means shooting from a distance which the Rooneys,Ronaldos,Messis,Torreses,Kolses won’t even dream of.Such is the potential of Bangalis as far as street soccer is concerned.

Now lets talk about the World Cup connection of Bengalis.Well for the bongs,there are only two soccer playing Nations in the world,Brazil and Argentina.Well their affection for these nations is due to Pele and Maradona respectively.These mortal beings are demi gods for Bangalis.Its just blind support.If you happen to be a Spain lover,or you have affection for England then they will outcast you from the Society.The bongs will put up the flags of their favorite team,throughout the para.Dance in joy,if their team wins, or they will curse the referee,the luck and all other stuffs which have no association with football.Never challange a bongs Futball Quotient.They don’t care about how many Ronaldo scored in Madrid or Terry in bed.All they know is that Brazil has a certain Kaka and The Argentines has player named  Messi and Maradona as coach!!!!!The rest of the squad is insignificant.While watching a match,if they find that the opponent has fowled on his favourite team player, then they will shout and make such noise,which can drive any mortal being nuts!!!!!

Well,you may be wondering about the conclusion of this post.Its simple,Futball is in Bangalis blood.Long live Bangali,Futball and Aregentina,Brazil, err, World Cup.

Share your Football experience with us!!!!!

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2 Responses to Bangali,Futball and The World Cup………

  1. Sanu says:

    football is every bangali’s soul…this very fact has been so nicely illustrated by arpa here…its just great to decipher the double meanings in every line…i call this the Lawyer Effect mi amigo!!…he he 😛
    and what’s with that book (or ur doorstand if u please)??why’s it on the background?

  2. Chandrajit says:

    Ha ha…
    Just the bitter truth for some bengalis…
    I love this…..
    In fact, I loved this one the most “for the bongs,there are only two soccer playing Nations in the world, Brazil and Argentina”

    it’s a hilarious piece of comedy, but a damn truth.

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