Beach Story!!!!!

Well,we all love beach holidays.India has got quite a few quality beaches.Exotic beaches of Goa,Kerela to bong favs Puri and Digha(The later two are far from being exotic).Well, all of you guys and girls, who have grown up watching Baywatch, which portrayed  young beautiful babes and handsome guys in red bikinis and all, sprawling all over the beach and doing all kinda stuffs!!!!!But,if you are planning your first beach holiday and imagining such a splendid view in especially bong favorite beaches which comprises of Puri,Digha,Mandarmani or whatever, then your dream will be shattered.So this post of mine, is a reality check for beach freshers.So I will tell you the dos and don’t s of beach holidaying

Check One

Well,don’t expose your assets, out there in especially Indian beaches.Whether you have got six packs or fat deposited mounds,please don’t display them.You will feel like an alien,with everyone,whether old or young gaping at you(I didn’t mention the term ogle,as it depends on your figure).This is probably more apt for females,rather than their male counterparts,who loves to flaunt everything to get desired attention!!!!!

Check Two

Every one loves to take a sun bath.Getting tanned is very much in fashion.But the beaches in eastern part of this country is not much suitable for that.Firstly most of them are dirty,with hotel garbage strewn all over.Moreover the beaches at this part are hotter(no, this hot quotient is not about semi nude women on the beach)than other parts of the world.Unless you want to burn your ass, don’t try it!!!!!

Check Three

We all like to get wet and wild.Don’t we??But,don’t imagine yourself as a sea horse and plunge deeper in the sea.The currents can be stronger than expected.So you can reach Hell faster than expected.If you just love to drench your feet and not squander into the wild sea, then make sure that you wear a chappal ,coz u can step on a jelly fish or those monstrous crabs and they can drive you nuts.

Check Four

Get up early.Watch the sunrise.It will freshen you up like nothing else.Look at the vastness of the ocean.Feel the calmness.Look at those sea birds,making their way to  Office.Forget all the pains,forgive all those who have betrayed you,or hurt you.Let your heart be as vast as the Ocean, and mind as calm as it.You must carry a binocular with you.Not to check young couple smooching behind those innumerable boulders, but to catch a glimpse of Dolphins(I found them at Gopalpur),or sea birds, or any kind of Birdie you would like to see.

Check Five

Enjoy evening walks.Have local sea food(Make sure that you don’t swallow any monster on the offering).Visit the local handloom centers.Buy for your family and friends(Please don’t be a miser).After you have burnt a hole in your pocket,and have nothing left to splurge on,then go and take a seat somewhere around the beach.See those youngsters trying to take drench their feet, at night time and shouting out of fun.Watch young honeymooners pass by or getting lost in the semi dark beach.So romantic!!!!!After you have done watching and ogling,just look at the moon and the moonlit sea.Close your eyes and feel the cool breeze on your body.But please don’t sleep or fall on the rocks.

Before you leave, go back to the sea shore.Take a pledge to start afresh.As we know that the sea returns everything,that is being presented to it, but it gives life to the sea animals and also the human beings who prey on them.So,make sure that before you close your eyes, you give back at least something(if not everything)to this world.

Share your SeaXperience with us.

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