A dream journey…..

Yeah,its all over.Always felt that it will be good to get rid of that goddamn semi-rural area of Adisaptagram,but not now.The last time I walked out of the gates of Academy of Technology on June 15,2010 at 3:15 pm,I turned back to see my college, flashes of past memory swept past my mind,but i told myself, that its time to leave.Before leaving the campus, had a lunch @ Jayanta da’s canteen.Nothing special though.Only thing I rue about is that I didn’t get my favorite Paratha and Chilli chicken.Well that campus had something in it.I have enough memories of my former college,to share with you.So lets take a walk down the memory lane.

I will state you several reasons why I just can’t forget that I am a eX student now.

*I was not destined to be part of this college.I was a student Of EIE @JIS.I got so pissed off with that college that I chose to move out.The first time,I stepped in the Campus of AOT,I knew that this is where I belong.

*I was charmed by the environment so much that I just couldn’t wait to join it.But it was not easy.There was gleam hope that I would get a seat.Only 1 seat was left for IT department at the counseling ,but I made sure that it was mine.It was a helluva ride,I won’t share that experience over here, as it may bore you.

*The first day of college itself was quite extraordinary.My attire was quite ordinary.Formals.I didn’t shave either.I looked like a faculty, more than a fresher.Not to mention that I was late for the class by half an hour.

*It was DD’s mechanical class and mocked at me, on my entry.I was amazed to see thousands of beautiful girls, err, at least it seemed so in the first few rows,on either side.All smiling.

*It was one of the longest walk of my life as I headed for the last bench of the class and sat there alone.Tried to follow what that wretched old man was trying to convey,but failed.

*After the first class,few seniors caught hold of me.Trying to sell matrix.I had no idea about that most coveted book of WBUTians.When they started forcing me,I said to them, “Ami boi pore pass korbo“. (What a joke!!!!!)

*My first lab was electrical.It was a group of three.Ankhi and Sumon were my other two partners.Quite deadly,isn’t it??I did’t do much there in the lab,other than looking cautiously at those capacitors,transistors etc.

*Then I met Rajdeep,one of my closest friend till date.But my early group consisted few other guys like Sumon,Arko and Sujoy.I used to spend my lunch time in his mess.We used to have great fun out there.It was great to spend time with Jayendra,Kaunish,Mayur and all.

*I was quite average in my studies.You shouldn’t expect much from a backbencher.All the fertile minds were concentrated in the first few rows.They only seemed to be interested in those boring,dull lectures and calculating their internal marks, to decide who is the best in the class.Wtf!!!!!

*I must admit that most of the girls in our section,which was a mix of IT and ICE, were quite beautiful.So i never lost the urge to attend the classes.They were quite an eye candy!!!!!

*I was awful in the workshop.I never had any sense of measurements.Made such set pieces which no mortal beings can ever set.Was better with the hacksaw though.Yeah,I used to be a powerful fella then.My partners used to be Gourab,Rajdeep,Arko.I used to chat for entire duration of the class.

*If you thought that I was awful in workshop then I was worst in graphics lab.Amrik used to help me out a lot.My diagrams never made any sense to me, neither to my teachers.They used to say that graphics drawing is all about imagination,but at that moment I could only imagine about the beautiful babes of our section.Sorry Graphics!!!!!

*I almost went unnoticed in the first semester,but people came to know about me after the semester results were out!!!!!Got some due and undue attentions.Those fertile headed creatures who hardly ever stared at me,came to congratulate me,as well as to know the secret of my success.Just ignored them.

*Yeah,got noticed by the girls as well.Once I was walking out of the library,I heard few girls discussing about me.Believe me.I was on cloud Nine.But matters never progressed further.

*I used to dress like a wimp.But on the eve of first Arcadia,I wanted to shake up my glam quotient.I did put on a tight tee and even tighter jeans.Had a complete hairdo.With the shades on, it took quite a few glances from my friends to recognize me.Its natural!!!!!

*Every time I used to go to my Physics lab I used to turn and have a look at the CSE section.I dearly wanted to be a part of it.But I knew,that be WBJEE debacle prevented me from being a part of section A.

*My Physics lab partner was Arnab Phani.A tough lab and even a tougher partner.But he is a great friend.He used to do most of the experiments.He was not a geek at that moment of time,as he is now, but he showed all signs to be one.

*I hated those Maths classes.I started bunking them.One fine day,bunked a maths class, went directly to the placement officer, to ask about our future prospects.Had a lengthy chat.When the chat was over,it was nearly  time to go home!!!!!

*By the end of second semester,I had a host of good friends from Prasanta,Gourab,Somnath,Khan and many, apart from Rajdeep and Co.

*At the start of third semester,I gelled with students from my department.Sujoy,SRD,Som,Prosanto,Vikash and Co all were great friends.

*When the second semester results were out,I was surprised to see that my grades shot up like rocket, whereas , the grades of others had plummeted.I was eligible for branch transfer.

*My first day @CSE.I couldn’t believe my luck.On the other hand, I was feeling sorry for leaving IT.For one moment,I thought that I will shift back to my former branch,but my desires overcame my emotions.

*I still remember,the first day @CSE.All my IT friends were peeking from the corridor, to get a view of me.It was heartbreaking.But I am glad that they still consider me as their friend.I love them very much.

*On the first day, I chatted with Prithu,Pritviraj,Arpan.But my first friend in CSE were Onkar and Pinaki.It was a strange class.All geeky looking boys and girls.The class hours bored me to death.Nobody talked.I had only one thing to do,yawnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

*I still remember,the day ,when Onkar abused SNS,which was overheard by the devil himself.What followed was disaster.

*I remember those dreadful sessions of data structure by Sns.The way he used to summon students to the black board and asked them to solve tree problems.Whoa!!!!!

*A boy,quite strange looking and behaviorally as well.Some used to call him Sanu and some Panu, maybe for some obvious reasons.The only similarity between us, was, our stubble.Otherwise I thought that he was a mad fella.I guess he initially didn’t knew that I even existed in that class.

*I used to get suffocated during class  hours.I used to spend my lunch hours in IT,or , ICE.Initially I didn’t receive a warm welcome from CSE.I used to feel like an alien.I used to curse myself for leaving IT.

*I had certain amount of arrogance in me.I wanted to get noticed.I wanted to prove that I deserved to be there.So, during third semester practical exams,I made sure that I would be the first one to leave the lab, after successfully completing my experiments or programs, and I did it quite a few times.I was  in batch X at that time.Considering the level of intelligence and geekiness of that batch,it was quite a feat.And the result,O all!!!!!

*Can’t forget those innumerable nights spent at CMC Konnagar, with Sujoy,Prasanta and Somsubhra.We were more interested in viewing Apsaras from Konnagar over bridge than getting ourselves trained in .NET

*Scored very well in 3rd semester.Was  4-5 th best in the class.Satisfied!!!!!After that what happened is history.They shifted me to batch Y,and I experienced the other side of CSE.Forget arrogance,I used to have the time of my life in each and every lab.Since then my performance may have plummeted, but I am not complaining.I thank god that I had been a part of CSE Y batch.

*For the time being,Onkar and Soubhik were my best buddies,as they still are.Then came a twist in my life.Gaming!!!!!It was Counter Strike first.I don’t know what Chandrajit and Subhojit saw in me,but somehow they convinced me that I am good.So we had a lethal team at our disposal,which consisted of Chandrajit,Subhojit,Sumanjan,Pinaki and me.Game was the sole cause that I came to know about this people and they are my special friends.Although we never won any championship,but I never had a dull moment in their company.

*I still cherish,our late night practice @Chand’s mess, our strategies(which were of no use anyways),our game play,that excitement.I do remember that while in Burdwan,how Sumanjan came to pick me up from the station on his Scooty, and he zoomed through innumerable lanes and bylanes, before reaching his house.These are the moments I will cherish throughout my life.

*Will never forget,how we were banged out of the tournament in the very first round.Forget tactics, we were just looking for cover to save our asses.

*Then it happened.Fifa got the better of me.Just because of this game I came to know 4 people.Sanu,Satrajit , Subhabrata,Joy.We were united by this game.The first time,I really came to know about Sanu, was during our trip to IEM.A funky boy with a heart of gold.Then Satra happened to be the most fierce competitor and a genuine friend.A true shy guy.As far as Subha , is concerned,he is insane(taal), but a very good friend.Joy,as I know him, is an angry young man, and very straightforward person,and thats why I like him.

*I can’t forget the innumerable hours,be is day,night,dawn,dusk, spent in playing fifa and exchanging heated words with each other.

*I can’t forget the innumerable days , me and Onkar had spent @ Sheoraphuli.Our entire 6th and 7th Semester, was mostly spent @IQ’s house, rather than college.Atleast it seemed so to us!!!!!Every morning and evening we found ourselves on a Sheoraphuli bound train.

*We planned several projects, on our way to IQ’s house, but none of them materialized till date.

*Our classroom @IQ’s house, where 30+ students jostled for space.All boys.Except one mysterious “Covered Girl”, whose antics use to drive us nuts.There were students from MCKV,St. Thomas and AOT.We used to have great fun with Prasanta,Obygyt(Abhijit) and Vikash and Co.We almost used to miss the last auto on our way back to Sheoraphuli station.Even one day,we had to walk up to Sreerampore station.

*Sorry Onkar, our plan to have a great dinner @Cabin(Tarka and Roti) never happened.

*Me and Onkar, both of us have traveled a lot together.From the highrise of Sector V, to the bylanes of Belur,from Barrackpore to Gateforum.We were everywhere.

*I can’t forget the lame excuses, that I used to give the professor’s every time I used to enter the classes late.The culprit was bsnl actually.Downloading always had a higher priority, than getting into class on time.Sorry Professors!!!!!

*I met a wonderful boy,during my third year.It was Santanu.A small boy,with even smaller steps.Initially I didn’t like him, as I found him one dimensional.But by the time I left the college, he is one of my best friend.He is different and does things differently.He is “little master” for me.

*In no time, I found myself in Fourth and Final year.And  joblessness was driving me nuts, unless I got Sanu tized.I got equally crazy like him and became a mall freak.That boy radiates positive energy, and  I never spared a thought for job for entire 7th semester.

*I had the fun of my life during this year.Hardly studied  any of the subjects.Even in Labs, most of the time was spent in doing non productive stuffs.But I am not complaining.

*Then I will always remember the 3rd and 4t March.The first time Students had their say.I saw the rise of Sumalya,the bully, to Sumalya the leader.Hats off!!!!!

*I will always remember the struggle.The innumerable times I moved in and out of the interview room.The frustration,pain,depression,anxiety and the loneliness.But I will remember the support of Aniruddha,Subhabrata,Santanu,Onkar,Gopi,Sovik and many others.

*The last semester of my college life finished without much ado.After the last official day of my college life,I went back to spend quality time with my friend Rajdeep(He was my first friend in this college).

*Wll AOT never had the best campus life,but I have got many good friends.I will always cherish my 10 minute journey and the adda to home after college.I will cherish those gay jokes with Sujoy,tickling Khan,pampering Gourab,Sujoy’s MBA funda,Somnath’s Bodybuilding tips,faceoff with Satrajit,LMAO jokes of Sanu,Somsubhra’s witty answers,quality time with Gopi and pradip and checking out the fresh girls.

*Probably the last time I moved out of college was 22nd June,around 10:15 pm.I was all alone(Similar to when I walked into AOT).It was dark and drizzling.AOT had given me the greatest prize of my life.I didn’t realize then.

*Well I can go on and on.But all good things have to come to an end.I will take back these sweet memories and pictures with me.

Feel free to express your feelings……..

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6 Responses to A dream journey…..

  1. loved that playing 2 games made so many friends!!!!
    what if we played more of the type!!!! 😀

  2. onkar says:

    gr8 post dude…..m all nostalgic now….

  3. Neo Jones says:

    i have only one complain….arpa why d f*** did you not wear the sporty attire at colg??i mean this guy could have had the best(of d aot chicks pool) for him….but he always used to dress in formals….shit!!! a job n a lady maketh a man complete……arpa missed the latter..t dnt worry man…u’ll get carmen electra..this guy is gold…better still Platinum…..he’s THE GOD……..perhaps i’ll remember aot for friends like this …….

  4. Great write man.. i hope you dnt stop it aftr joining ur job… will luv to knw ur frst dai in there the frst day itself.. 😉

  5. oops…..
    the more no of times I scroll down your blog…….. i see the book “verbal n non verbal reasoning” poking it’s nose out….. reminding me of all the failed aptitude tests over the past few months……. 😦
    change it…..

  6. fhubho says:

    ur awesome dude…..hopefully we wil be 2gether @hyderabad….love ya

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