Train Etiquettes………

We all travel by train(this post is not meant for richie-rich,who never saw one).As far as WB is concerned, the local trains are crowded anyways.Whether be it Howrah main,Chord,or Sealdah.You need to have certain level of stamina to create space for yourself in those crowded,stinky,suffocating,painful and strenuous compartments.But we all have to travel in these government vehicles,as these are fast and cheap.Do we have an option?????Okay, today,I am going to share some etiquette, with you which will make the journey for you and your fellow travelers comfortable.

Etiquette One

Firstly,if you are lucky enough,you get a seat in the local train.The first thing you do after that is to thank god.Coz the devils are sitting on either side of you.The general seats are either 3 seaters or 8 seaters.But you have to accommodate 4 and 10 poor souls respectively.You have to squeeze your ass, to facilitate that.Size doesn’t matter!!!!!If you don’t budge,then the passengers would either throw you away from your coveted seat,if not from running train!!!!!

Etiquette Two

Don’t seat like a King on Throne.These seats are not meant for pleasure,but for giving thousands of tired asses some rest.If you happen to be the fourth person(the least lucky),then request your fellow passengers to squeeze in.Quarreling never helps.Whatever you get,even if it happens to be 1/4 of a legible seat,accept it.If you can’t,then allow one of the thousand poor souls,ogling at that 1/4th  of lifeline.

Etiquette Three

If you see some old man or woman,or pregnant lady or lady with baby in arms or a handicapped person struggling in those inhuman conditions, give them your seat.Don’t look here and there, or expect someone else to be generous,because it is least likely.You may question,why you?????The answer is that you are educated,and education teaches one to be a good human being first.Once you leave your seat, people will heap praise on you.Just ignore them!!!!!

Etiquette Four

Please don’t dangle outside the compartment door.Firstly,you have every chance of smashing your skull.After which you will end up in a morgue,with a battered skull or in a hospital, with either in coma , or with half of your senses gone.Moreover blocking the gate never helps others who nearly get suffocated inside.Leave aside some space for fresh air.It can save a life.Ask me!!!!!

Etiquette Five

This is the most vital one.When you are boarding a train,please don’t fight.I have received severe blows throughout my body,in the process of boarding.So be humane.The person before you is not meant to be shoved into and the one behind you is not meant to be blocked(as if you are a defender,protecting the ball from the striker).Once you get in,make sure that you keep moving in,as thousands of souls are still dangling at the gate ,dangerously.If you can’t make your way in, then wait for the next train.As your parents won’t like to meet you at a hospital,or even worse.

Well,in India,the most of the compartments are meant to house 120 passengers.But at peak hours the number can go up to 200 or more.So ,kindly adjust and bear it.After all Indians are meant to struggle their way to success.

So how you behave on train??

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2 Responses to Train Etiquettes………

  1. Neo Jones says:

    where’s the bedroom manners man??nevertheless this one again is another marvel from you

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