Adiós mess life!!!!!

Life in mess is Messy(Not Lionel Messi).I am using the term mess in this post, which means rooms rented by engineering students.I have never stayed at a mess, anyday.But I frequented them so much that I have quite a good insight,about what happens in there.

The first day,the students come with their parents, and rent a suitable mess.All good,obedient boys.They get mess partners.Takes time to get accustomed to the surroundings.After the parents leave,then the sudden metamorphosis takes place.

Well if you thought that,inventions takes place in college,then you are wrong,it takes place in mess.Most of them are destructive though.Don’t ask why.Mess is where the heart is.Mess is the best place to play games.Far from the influence of parents, you can’t have a better place to test your strategic abilities.the messers spend 70% of their engg life in honing their gaming abilities.Actually most of the messers are equipped with laptops,which their parents gift them to code,which are most suitable and used for social networking and gaming.The rest 10% goes in getting drunk.5% goes in assignments.5% goes in watching,reading and doing forbidden stuffs.The rest 10 % goes in TRYING to study.

From second and third year onward,friendship gets more deeper.They start relying each other blindly.Giving proxy in the class for their RESTING mess partners are their official duty.Well for most of the messers the day begins at noon and ends at dawn.Life for budding engineers are tough.

The HOT favorite hobbies of messers these days is photography.Mind you,they are quite good at it.You will find them everywhere.Around railway track at midnight,in drains,dirty ponds,on rooftops clicking the Chand, err, moon  and everywhere that the mortal mind can think of.The days of engineering breezes through, with many life changing incidents.The messers become the lifeline of the mess para.

Then comes the year of reality.Bitter truth.Its placement time.Hordes of companies come to recruit fresh engineers.One by one the students get placed.The number of jobless messers engineers get reduced.Virtually everyday party is thrown by the successful candidates.They party at the nearby pubs or restaurants. All of them congratulate the so called winner.The rest of them drown their sorrow in wine.With passing time the desperation increases, which reflects in the behavior of the individuals.Their talks become more realistic.It becomes more painful when one of the room partner gets a job and the other one remains jobless.This situation can’t be defined in words.

Gradually the final semester arrives.Its high emotional time.For different reasons off course.Someone smiles whereas someone tries to smile.The semester itself evokes so much emotions, as the past 7 semester turmoils remind them of hell lot of dramatic events.The  semester gradually comes to as end.Farewell and all takes place.People hug each other.Promises to keep contact.Wishes each other luck.Disappears.The messers moves to their respective fort.The walk down to their mess, seems a non ending path(specially for the unfortunate ones).An era has come to an end.The school boys, have changed from futile,fun makers to serious,mature professionals.

As days pass by,one by one , the messers leave.Leaving behind tons and tons of memories.Night life becomes hell.The mortals at mess para lessens everyday.Gaming days end.But what it leaves behind is those endless memories,emotions,fun it evoked once.Engineers move out with their trunk full of clothing and other stuff.Promising each other to keep contact.While others stay on for few more days, to wait for the next placement or when all hopes are over.Finally within a month after final semester,all of them go out to chase their dreams.Mess para comes to a stand still.As if it is dead.At nights you will get an eerie feeling,if you walk down there.No more night parties,no night life,no night photography.Nothing.You will only hear stray dogs barking.The buzz is gone.Gone forever.Adiós mess life!!!!!

Share your MessXperience with us.

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4 Responses to Adiós mess life!!!!!

  1. Pradipta Gure says:

    satti……eisab bole tui amar mess life abar firie dili……chokhe jol ene dili…..ami vabtam amader kasto ta sudhu amrai bujhi…..torao je eta upolabdhi korte paris etar dharona chilo na……..really tui satti e great………as a student as a frnd(dat’s d most important 1) as a etc etc etc & bla bla bla………brazil-portugaler match 15min por………akhan barbar mone porche 12tar samay club e ba pradip dar barite khela dekhte jodi partam ajkeo… mast tai na hoto………really khub kasto hoi re eisab vable…….bt etai amader jibon…na vable bachar manetai thake na……..emotions are the best weopon of our life…….

  2. Every word drowns me into memories that will make tonight sleepless…
    Perhaps after a few nights sleep would always come back… but never…. those 4 years…

  3. onkar says:

    kandiye dili to re….

  4. bhaskar pr. ghosh says:

    haste haste porte suru korechhilam ……………….. ekhon kanna pachhe.

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