Long Journeys………..

We all love to have long journeys, which takes us away from the schedule of daily life, hustle and bustle of the metros.Basically we take  a car to go for a long drive or board a train to move to our destinations.Either of them are a good option.You get to see different landscapes,people, food,lifestyles etc.Its so refreshing.Isn’t it?????Today I will discuss on train journeys,which is the most preferable one for most of the people, irrespective of their social status.Be it in a modest Sleeper class, to comfortable 3 AC, to deluxe 2AC and finally to the princely ride on a 1AC.But enjoyment is a common factor.I will discuss some of the factors, following which your EQ(Enjoyment Quotient)is bound to increase.

Take One

Reach the Source platform before time.Please don’t imagine yourself as Geet of Jab We Met, and expect a hell of an experience on boarding the train.But you can certainly expect to find a Geet or Aditya on board.Cut the romantic part, lets get back to reality!!!!!Settle yourself, once you board the mail or  express train.Have a look at your co-passengers.Try to glue to your allocated seat, unless someone is kind enough to give you the window side one.Put all your luggage under the berth carefully, without smashing anyone’s feet.Once the train starts, you start feeling nostalgic(only if you are human).Incase you feel like sobbing, plug in your ear phone and listen to Aao Milo Chalo from Jab We Met and see the magic!!!!

Take Two

Its not that bad to take a short nap,and remember to give your Ipod, few moments of peace.Make sure that you don’t fall on your fellow passengers(If it happens to be a woman, it can spell disaster).It doesn’t look good either, that you move to the top berth to sleep, early in your journey.Try to catch a glimpse of the landscapes and serene beauty,as much as possible, unless evening sets in.It is not bad to talk to your fellow passengers as well.Please don’t reveal much of personal information.Make sure that your topic of discussions should should not be ‘A’ rated.(Once I had heard my co-passenger talking non-stop throughout the journey, and their discussions varied from water quality at Jhajha to their company allowances to vital statistics of Kingfisher air hostess to punjabi Kudis).

Take Three

Keep on munching something, as it will keep you away from sleep.If you board a Rajdhani,then the waiters out there will make sure that you keep munching!!!!!But remember,that gobbling food is not your aim.eat as much as you need just to fill your stomach.Try to carry home made food.There had been several cases of food poisoning earlier, so you don’t want to spend your entire journey in the loo or down with severe stomach pain.

Take Four

Try to go to your berth early.This is the norms on Indian trains.Max 10 pm.Make sure that your luggage are properly tied with chains and locks and other belongings placed safely within your reach.If you are not used to sleep early,then you can plug in your Ipod’s or watch a movie on your laptop,but without disturbing others.(Once on my way back from Punjab,there were two young beautiful girls in my compartment and they were giggling and clicking photos till late night,and I was ogling,so I could not sleep anyways!!!!!)

Take Five

Make sure you wake up early.Head for the toilet as soon as possible, to avert any unfortunate incidents.After you have refreshed yourself, then have some chai with other snacks.Watch the beautiful surroundings in bright sunshine.Don’t frequent the passages to catch a glimpse of your Geet.Talk with your fellow passengers.Say that the journey had been comfortable with their company(Even if it was not!!!!!).Soon you find that you have reached your destination.Move on!!!!!

Did you find your soul mate on a train?????

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