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Office fun!!!!!!!!

Working in  a development area is tough.You get bogged down by workload or bullied by your seniors.Moreover sitting on a chair, which has gone past its expiry date, doesn’t help your cause either.Life gets even more tougher, when you try  … Continue reading

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Love Park………

The topic itself clarifies, what is going to unveil in the following lines.I will recommend parental guidance, for you to read this blog.Just kidding!!!!!What is a love park??A place to make love.Please don’t ask what is love!!!!!The answer can vary … Continue reading

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Hyderabad Blues…….

Well, you may call it the city of Nizam or whatever,this city sucks big time!!!!!Now,you may say, that a couch potato like me,who hardly stepped out of the home,maybe speaking these stuffs because I am home sick or lack of … Continue reading

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A New Beginning……….

College life has come to an end.Although the hangover is there, everybody is trying their best to overcome it.Still those glimpses of happy,sad,joyful,ecstasy comes before the eyes.Few drops of tear rolls down the eyes.Its time to leave the semi developed … Continue reading

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A Walk Down The Memory Lane………

It was 2nd July 2010.Had a few spells of shower early in the morning.The sun seemed to be playing Hide and Seek.I just finished my downloading at around 8 am and felt that I had to go somewhere.Ya I had … Continue reading

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