A Walk Down The Memory Lane………

It was 2nd July 2010.Had a few spells of shower early in the morning.The sun seemed to be playing Hide and Seek.I just finished my downloading at around 8 am and felt that I had to go somewhere.Ya I had to go to AOT.We had to participate for the campussing of Huewei technologies.Their package was good enough to compel the laziest of human being to move and have a shot.But what compelled me to move was that this could be the very last time, I would be visiting my college!!!!!Moreover,it was a very good chance to meet up with my friends,probably for the very last time.

As usual I was late. I missed my bus.I was well behind my scheduled time(I hope that my present employers are not reading this).But still I scampered all my way to Pipulpati.Waited for the next bus(bus no. 23), but it never materialized.I smiled at myself,as several good old memories of missing the bus flashed before my eyes.

Then came my savior.The Auto.Its Dunlop Chinsurah auto.It has always been my primary transport.It transports me to Bandel more in no time.This is the only day,when I didn’t urge the auto wallah to hurry up.I wanted these moments to prolong.Gosh…….something happened, which I always wanted to occur.Two beautiful girls boarded the auto.But I had to leave the backseat to the femme fatals and rather had the driver accompanying me through the entire journey.But I was luckier when   I was in first year of my college life.I was occupying the back seat along with an old man.Suddenly I saw a beautiful young girl(an engineer too!!!!!) walking down the streets.I wished for her company and God had similar ideas too!!!!She took the seat beside me.She had put on some deodorant which had intoxicating effect on me.The moment auto started to accelerate and move faster, all her beautiful curly hair was all over my face and I was in cloud 9.I had some kinda a exams on that day and I fared miserably!!!!!When I thought about this incident,I chuckled.Anyways I had reached Bandel more meanwhile.

Its that same old place,where I have spend so many useless hours to get a glimpse of Adisaptagram bound auto or bus.Both were elusive.Also my eyes searched for a smiling Siddharth,or smoking Soubhik or impatient Rahul,for company.But found none!!!!!I realized that our days of college are over and everybody has moved on.

Then I boarded a bus,up to Nandipukur.A place which is 900m away from AOT.The only reason that I am still in some kinda shape is that I virtually had to take this walk of 900m from this place to college every single day.Several memories are associated with this place,but I won’t discuss them with you now.

Again I dodged the rail gate.I remembered how I walked for a stretch of 1 km along the lines,to take a short cut.Weird!!!!!

Then it was a long walk down the memory lane.Neither Huewei nor 4 lacs eluded me.I was getting more emotional with each step.Suddenly I heard the noise of train.Turned right,but it was not the 10:20 am local,which consisted of all late comers like me!!!!!

I kept walking towards the college slowly.Admiring the nature around.The small yellow leaves kept falling from the trees, as if they are welcoming me!!!!!It felt like heaven.

Suddenly,I saw something and stopped.This happened to be the first thing I saw when I visited this college for the very first day.Had to stop and take a snap.Touched it.Pedestrians were staring at me.But I didn’t care.I touched it and felt that I was transported four years back.It was an rusted board, proclaiming “Institutional Area, Drive Slow”

On entering the campus,saw those faces which I was dying to see.All of them congratulated me.It felt like college life was back!!!!!Those pranks,laughs, smiles………..felt so wonderful.But some of them looked visibly strained,and its normal.Next we headed to our respective rooms for online test and had great time there(But giving the test was not fun!!!!!)

The Funmakers have grown up.They are serious now.They are true professionals now!!!!!

After the test.I rushed out of the room.Saw those laboratoris for the last time.Went upstairs alone and had a last look at the Computer Science floor.It was deserted, but I could still hear the roll calls.In reality ,there was an eerie silence.I felt numb.Ran away!!!!!

Then went out, to have some fresh air.Looked at the surroundings. It seemed so fresh.Couldn’t help, but take out my Cybershot powered mobile and take snaps!!!!!

Today this spot,which was one of the favorite for oglers and group meetings…….is empty!!!!!

But it was time to move on.I had to move out.I was getting more emotional and attached to this place.So it was better that I make my way out,only to return someday.

I took the Short Cut to reach Adisaptagram station.It was lush green.I have taken this path for the past four years………………!!!!!

Love you Academy Of Technology, for whatever you have given me.Can’t wait to be back here next time!!!!!

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna…………….

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4 Responses to A Walk Down The Memory Lane………

  1. somsubhra says:

    Aww this is heartbreaking dude! Really…it makes me all nostalgic and emotional just viewing the pictures. You’re a magician with words, we all know that, but to express your feelings so vividly as this is something that has taken me aback, to be honest.

    As for college life, it’s over eh? Makes me wonder how people fail to realize the importance of something when they possess it and start to feel the massive void it’s leaving behind as the time to part draws near. 4 years went by like a breeze. It still only feels like yesterday when I first stepped through that gate, with fear and excitement in my heart. So much has happened in between. It all feels like a dream now. I dream that I never wanted to wake up from, but the cruel fangs of reality won’t let me dream forever.

    Okay..the more I rant here the more I’ll get nostalgic and my wordings, incoherent. Here’s wishing you guys all the best in everything that you do. I know it sounds clichéd and all but this is the best that I can do for the moment.

    Oh and Arpa..don’t stop writing your blogs once you join work yaar. I mean seriously, I know it’ll be tough on you, but do drop by at least once a week and keep us updated about yourself. Bless you!

    • “The Funmakers have grown up.They are serious now.They are true professionals now!!!!!”

      What ever it be….. keep blogging friend…. becoz everytime i read a post, i’m bound to spend silent moments adhering to flashbacks from the 4 years…
      this was awesome.. with picts that made memories more clear…

  2. Neo Jones says:

    awesome…but i will not miss the damned college or the asshole teachers…it helped me waste 4 years of my life…but what i shall miss are the FRIENDS i made….that is what will make me think about aot sometime or the other….shit !! after reading this i’ve already started thinking about it…..

  3. Subhajit Nandy says:

    Thanks for a flash back of the 4 years and the missing of the 23 no. bus………It was my primary transport to home………Cursed the college a lot………..But shall definitely return there to see some old-known and well-wishing faces……..

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