A New Beginning……….

College life has come to an end.Although the hangover is there, everybody is trying their best to overcome it.Still those glimpses of happy,sad,joyful,ecstasy comes before the eyes.Few drops of tear rolls down the eyes.Its time to leave the semi developed village Adisaptagram and move ahead.Lets not turn back.Let us set our  focus on the horizon and move ahead.Its very difficult to leave mess para,Bablu da’s shop, the rusty over bridge,the dusty station,the tea stall,those ponds(the funmakers would miss it)……………With heavy luggage on either hands and on the back, its time to move on.But the heart grows heavy when the train starts moving.The topmost point of the college,which can be viewed from the train, disappears in the greenery.With every passing seconds,one goes miles away from the village, but it still lingers in the mind……..

People those who have got jobs, and those who are searching for one will relocate to respective places.Far away from family and friends.First few days,they would feel nostalgic.They will face various hardships, betrayal, love, friendships everything!!!!!!!They will turn into professionals.They wont miss college anymore.They would turn into money making machines.Get used to late night parties.Office parties.Beautiful ladies for company.Success.But maybe one day, while flipping through the news paper, they will find the term Adisaptagram, and  everything will go into flashback mode.They would remember how they used to take money on “loan” from their friend with 0% interest, and no guarantee of returning them as well.They  would remember those late night parties for any possible kind of reason.Those desi wine and vodkas taken with their friends  tested thousand times better than those office parties.They would treasure the moments when they first talked to a girl or proposed one in college,than having quite a few at their company in the office. They will treasure those moments of failures,pain,anxiety of college life than those of success in their professional life.Then they would feel the urge to visit their good old college.The next time they will land at Adisaptagram,they will see that everything has changed.They would find all ultramodern facilities.But their eyes would search for Bablu da’s shop, or the tea shop or the rusted over bridge.But they would find none!!!!!!!!

Will you ever return here?????

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4 Responses to A New Beginning……….

  1. udit says:

    yes i miss its ……………………………………

  2. victor says:

    I didn’t know you were such a great writer… Great read.

  3. You took me to the future n left me there….

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