Hyderabad Blues…….

Well, you may call it the city of Nizam or whatever,this city sucks big time!!!!!Now,you may say, that a couch potato like me,who hardly stepped out of the home,maybe speaking these stuffs because I am home sick or lack of adaptability or whatever.This is the truth,believe it!!!!!

The first thing that you notice in Hyderabad, is the shopping plazas or malls(atleast I do).The Gucci,Adidas,Nike,Van Heusen,Woodlands would sweep you off your feet.The glamor,glitter will just blow your mind.People are richie rich out here.But if you have a good observation, you will observe that beggars(yes there are quite a few)at various junctions,stretch their empty hands for alms,but hardly they get one.I have personally noticed an old woman,who sits on the staircase of an over bridge,with a tattered cloth spread in front of her,and she spread her hands and says some thing(which I don’t understand)to every passer by.The collection at the end of the day, going by the amount of coins,won’t be more than 10-11 rupees.Most of the IT guys frequent this bridge.This city is heartless.

The next thing,you will watch,rather feel, is the pollution level.You will find more cars than bikes,forget cycles.It takes 10-15 minutes to cross a road,which is not even 20 meters wide.You will find autos,buses emit black, choking smokes(One of the things which reminds me of Kolkata).Burning sensations in your eyes,breathing trouble,dirty hairs and restlessness has become  part and parcel of my life.

The weather doesn’t help my cause either.the days are generally partly cloudy,associated with light drizzle and the nights are quite chilly,with cyclonic winds blowing for no reason!!!!!!I crave for a sunshine in the Deccan!!!!!

Whoa,I forgot to mention a very important thing.The traffic.Its a killer.If you lose your concentration for even a second while crossing the roads, or even lanes and by lanes, you will end up in the hospital bed or cemetery ground.Cars and bikes popup from most unexpected places,only to drive you nuts.Lack of traffic police just worsens the issue.Moreover the drivers refrain from using horns for some unknown reason.So don’t get scared if you find a minster truck screeched to a sudden stop behind you, on a Hyderabad road!!!!!

Living cost is very, very high.Autowallahs would offer you a trip of 1 km,but at the expense of sixty rupees.Anything less,they will stare at you as if you have abused them.price of a single chapati, can be as high as twelve rupees, in small restaurants.Your basic essentials are so costly that you have to learn to manage without them.Be a short tour,or a special hyderabadi chaat, you just have to splurge money, for entertainment.This is where I miss Kolkata more,coz you can manage  a square meal in just Twenty rupees only!!!!!

I must mention that I get more freaked out when I watch beautiful Hyderabadi girls in burkhas, or covering their faces with some sort of masks.I feel it as an encroachment on my right to admire beauty!!!!!

Well hyderabad may have the best shopping malls,electronic markets,biriyanis,babes but the Deccan Chargers won’t be of any competition to Kolkata Knight Riders.

Ami Kolkata,we rule!!!!!

Do you have a DeccanXperience.Share it with us.

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2 Responses to Hyderabad Blues…….

  1. onkar says:

    encroachment wala acha tha..

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