Love Park………

The topic itself clarifies, what is going to unveil in the following lines.I will recommend parental guidance, for you to read this blog.Just kidding!!!!!What is a love park??A place to make love.Please don’t ask what is love!!!!!The answer can vary from the bond between two souls to sex.So lets not go deeper into it.

Actually,initially,I had weird ideas about love park.But,I got the real taste of it when I visited Indira Park,Hyderabad, with three of my goddamn colleagues.Well,the ticket was cheap and it really didn’t burn a hole into our pockets.From outside,it had a botanical garden like feel to it.But I was not aware of the wild weeds inside.I was in for a treat.

The park was green.Greenery everywhere.It felt good.Off course, you starve to see a green tinge in the city.It was raining or rather light drizzle.The atmosphere was romantic.Saw a few couple moving into the park,hand in hand.Everything had a perfect setting!!!!!Until I saw red…….

I was busy clicking unknown orchids,flowers etc, till I spotted some movement behind a tree!!!!!Whoa,I found a dangling orni of a girl.i guessed the rest.Inquisitive by nature,I progressed further and found(not to my surprise tho) a couple busy in love making.They were kissing so passionately, as if there is no tomorrow!!!!!(For horny guys,it is for your kind information,that they were fully dressed).I wished them best of luck and preferred to move on, before I lose control over myself!!!!!On my way back,I found an old man trying to catch a glimpse of the Action(maybe he had a wilder past),a couple watching them curiously(maybe they are getting free tip to make their nights more interesting) and few giggling youngsters.Phew!!!!!!

From that moment onwards,my mind lost its virginity.My eyes were searching for more Action,whereas my poor colleagues found fun in cracking adult jokes.Found few vegetarian couple,who were just content with holding hands amidst forest.We had petty tough time,making our way through the mud and all.As we were making our way across the lakeside benches, which were all occupied with couples, who stared at us strangely and made me feel like as if I have no right to be there.Saw a begum and her husband trying to hug and make love,but I wonder how it is possible to make  love to a woman,who is all covered up from toe to head.

As my imagination ran wild,I ventured deeper into the forest.A bit of hushing sound,or a little movement behind the bush made my fantasies run wilder. Later I found a small artificial cascades, besides which there were several structures, which facilitated lovers to sit around it and do their stuff.Some of them were really close!!!!!Maybe the light drizzle,along with the sweet scent of the flowers,or the screechy noise made by innumerable insects had some intoxicating effect on the lovers,maybe which forced them to commit Sins!!!!!!

It was getting darker and I felt that I had enough of it and that I and my wretched colleagues should get our ass out of that park.While we were making our way out of the park,I found that the couple I had found earlier making love behind the tree, were still busy at it.Jesus Man!!!!!they have got some stamina.Again i wished them good luck.There is no better place to do It, rather than at the heart of nature.

As I moved out of the exit gate,I realized that a love park is heaven for couples, and there is no place for unwanted loitering creatures like us.Love is everywhere, from office floors, to bedrooms, to bus stops, to bylanes, to bushes……!!!!!!

Had enough of it??Take some rest !!!!!!

For the time being,look at the flower……….ignore defloration!!!!!

So what game do you play in a park??

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2 Responses to Love Park………

  1. Waiting to deflower someone… 🙂

  2. fhubho says:

    check out victoria sumtime…u wil get bolder poses with overwhelming passion

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