Office fun!!!!!!!!

Working in  a development area is tough.You get bogged down by workload or bullied by your seniors.Moreover sitting on a chair, which has gone past its expiry date, doesn’t help your cause either.Life gets even more tougher, when you try  to open Facebook and you are blocked(You can think of using tunneling softwares, if you don’t mind vacating your seat)!!!!So there is no escape from the jail, in which you have willingly opted to be a part of.The only survival strategy,among disastrous DR is to keep yourself chilled out.So here I present the five strategies,which keeps me going in the monotonous environment.

Fun One

Well,my morning starts on a high.I reach office on time(believe it!!!!!), scan through all my mails and then head for the canteen to have breakfast.Every day I bump into our MD.Someday physically, or else I enjoy watching my friends do so.One fine day, early in the morning, two of my colleagues were too busy in preparing their coffee in the coffee machine to watch the MD, waiting to get his turn.he was ready with his paper glass and sugar cubes, but my colleagues, didn’t budge.Alas, one of them moved out,as his precious coffee was ready for a sip, the other one tried to steam heat the coffee, and caused disaster.White smoke emanated from the coffee machine and I knew that no drink would come out from that machine ever.The MD grunted in disgust,put his paper glass on the stack and moved out!!!!!

Fun Two

A die hard Bollywood movies fan by nature, I often indulge in the crime of wasting too many time in the canteen,glued to the LCD TV, which always shows the 9x channel for some unknown reason.But I am not complaining.That proves to be my only doorway to fantasy.It helps to keep my Bollywood quotient updated.One fine evening, me and my few lazy colleagues spent nearly an hour, glued to the moves of Katrina and striptease of Kareena.When we regained our consciousness , we found few other employees present there, were staring at us!!!!!(Sometimes,I wonder, what I get paid for)

Fun Three

Well,once you enter the office premise, you will just hear murmur or mere keystrokes.That’s it!!!!But the cabin,which is presently being graced by six new comers, is by far the most noisiest but unproductive one.the only productive thing that we do here are chatting through gmail,signing up for fantasy premier league,download songs,blogging(obviously me) and cracking foul jokes.But among these we do a very important thing,i.e, to provide ample source of entertainment to other employees, who remain doused in solving their assigned tasks.So actually we are not that useless.

Fun Four

Behind every successful man there is a woman.I have none, so lets not go deeper into my success story.Even my beloved colleagues are single as well.So we have greater purpose to move out of the apartment , every goddamn morning.Our company is devoid of any feminine beauty.So we feel starved anyways.The only time we get to see the most beautiful creatures created by God, is during lunchtime or evening.You won’t score any brownie points to guess, that I spend most of my time in the canteen, than warm my seat in my allocated cabin.Alas, all the beautiful women, belong to a company,who are our arch rivals.Although both the companies are in the same building, and they had some joint pacts before, but now they have severed all ties and took away all the glamor stuffs along with their shares.But love has no boundaries or floors.So it is expected to flourish sooner than later.Mind the term expected.

Fun Five

Well,the company is paying us quite handsomely although we don’t help the company by any means.But we make sure that the company incurs more expense, as it has done the gravious fault of recruiting us.All we do is take out enormous print outs of all possible stuffs.We make print outs for confidential documents(if caught our contract would be terminated in no time),pictures,games snapshots,one liners,tickets,semester results,career graph etc etc.Just a click on “print” and in no time you will get that document printed on an A4 paper.Moreover, we have made many hit and trial experiments with the jumbo printer and Xerox machine and rendered it out of service several times.I bet that it won’t last longer than a month.Let the soul of the printer cum Xerox rest in peace.Amen!!!!!

Well i feel its high time to stop writing nonsense, as my manager is hovering around the corridor.He has high expectation on me.Lets not prove him wrong this soon.

So what good do you do in your office??

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5 Responses to Office fun!!!!!!!!

  1. fhubho says:

    well,now i can say u hav mastered over writing skills man…..hope 2 see u as 2nd “chetan bhagat”…….suits ur lazyness too….

    btw hav u started gym yet?dont just mug over those gateforum materials…..

    and always keep ur”EXPECTATION” high 😉

  2. Neo Jones says:

    teradata is so fun man!wish i were a part of it…he he..but that would’ve terminated us well before…u know that

  3. Neo Jones says:

    n yeah tell ur MD about your EXPECTATION!!m sure LOVE shalt prevail and flourish soon [:P]

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  5. Chandrajit says:

    You got a nice n good mnc man..
    in our office.. it’s that mess-type thing. No LCD TVs or stuffs. But, we enjoy in the messy way. We r 5 newcomers in the media section. Now, what we have 5 jobs to do everyday.

    1. Come in and swap the card.. else we’ll get kicked out soon. (n dat’s the only fruitful job we do)
    2. Log In to every possible social network and youtube of course.
    3. After a few minutes move out to smoke.
    4. Come back and repeat step 2.
    5. yes but sadly @ end of the day write about 1-2 sex scandals.. 😛

    N8 shift’s are way too hilarious. the chairs do not get warm for a moment. Why!!!
    Because we sit on the floor. And start our round table chats n smoke!!! It’s just the “mess-er adda”.

    Oh!!! but i love one part of the job. Going out for Photoshoots. Dat’s just what I love.

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