Flying High!!!!!

We all like to travel.Don’t we??But sometimes we want the time spent in relocation to be minimal.So then we consider the mode of transport.Today, aeroplane is the fastest mode of transport(But a journey on a bullet train can be as fast as well).lets not go into speed stats and all.Those stuffs are for freaked out geeks and not for normal human beings.So here I will warn you about the stuffs,which you should not do while boarding or inside the aircraft.

Warning One

Please be in the airport as early as possible, before your schedules departure.If you are of the kind, who likes to be on the run always(like me), then you are in for some serious trouble.Once the boarding procedure closes, there is virtually no way , you can get your ass inside the aircraft.You will lose your ticket,not to mention the money.I wish,we could board the aircraft,as we just run and board local trains.But some wishes are better not met!!!!!

Warning Two

Well,the air hostess out there are petty HOT.The Hot quotient is lowest for Air India air hostess,as they look like my granny, whereas the quotient is highest for Kingfisher airlines , as the air hostess looks like ftv models or femme fatal.Well lets not go too much into configuration.Please behave sanely with them and treat them as human beings.They are no way going to give you extra pleasure(though some of them does provide those stuffs),except only those high rated coffees or snacks and all.Please don’t ask them for a coffee.You can land into serious trouble.Just restrict yourself into viewing their air disaster or various other antics training class.

Warning Three

Please don’t hurry or run during boarding time, to get the window side seat.You have got a specified seat number, and you are meant to rest you ass only on the specified seat.Moreover, pay heed to what the air  hostess say or demonstrates, rather than ogling lustfully at them.Make sure to tie your seat belts, as per requirement.Stare outside those sealed windows or snore,just enjoy your thousand buck ride!!!!!

Warning Four

Keep your mobile phone switched off during the entire journey.Or at best keep them  in flight mode.It not a matter of bravery,to keep it on.Moreover,not many networks manage to serve the passengers on flight either.So why call for content to listening music or taking snaps.Ya,ya , you can take snaps of the air hostess as well, only if you are not caught!!!!!

Warning Five

Foods or drinks on a low fare airliner will be high.So don’t argue unnecessarily.Moreover,in case of bad weather,the plane may shake a bit, so please don’t panic or shout like hell.Do as per instruction.this rule is only applicable,unless you and your plane is going down to the mouth of hell.In that case,shout out for the very last time!!!!!!

Hold on dude,don’t get scared.Its not that bad too get the feeling of soaring above all mortal beings,high up in the sky,among the clouds, with a bird like feeling.Just feel the grit and determination of people who first thought that man could also fly.They dreamt of it,and also made their dream come true.Let your ambition fly high!!!!!

So how high  do you  fly??

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One Response to Flying High!!!!!

  1. onkar says:

    bari gechili naki tui??

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