One night@Airport

Ya baby,I missed my flight back home.Actually you shouldn’t be amazed,if you happen to know me personally.Well,what happened was that I had my flight at 7:45 in evening.I set off from my office at around 5:20 pm, but due to various untoward incidents on the road prevented me from reaching my destination.These untoward incidents frequent my life quite often.Lets not go into details.I felt throughout the entire journey to the airport , in the specially crafted Aeroshuttle bus,that something was preventing me from taking my flight back home.And my worst fear came true after sometime. I got down from the bus at the airport entrance, and ran all the way to get the boarding pass,where the man declared that I could’t board the plane.It was 7:20 pm.I cried out in disgust,”Shit man,what the hell”, the man reconfirmed that I won’t be allowed to board the plane.I walked away and stood before the board which displayed information about the arrival and departures of flights.The status of my flight changed from “Boarding” to “Taxing” and then “Departed”.I stood still.I was numb.I hurriedly scanned through the list which contained the list of next flights,but none of them were for Kolkata.That was the last flight for the night.I looked up at the digital clock,which seemed to warn me that its 8:00 pm and urged me to get back to my apartment.But I didn’t budge.I decided that I would go home under any circumstance.I procured the flight ticket for next day, which was  supposed to depart at 9:55 am.My parents and friends suggested me to go back to my apartment or some hotel nearby, to put up for the night, but I had other idea.I decided to spend the night at the airport. I cursed myself for being late, although I knew that it was my destiny.So I took my seat, in the lounge chairs(which was not the best thing you would like to have your ass on).I had a troubled mind.I looked  suspiciously at all other people out there(Typical bong style).The lounge was sparsely populated.It consisted of Russians,Brits,Arabians and whatever.Obviously the majority were Indians.Took my seat like a Maharaja,and my bag took the next seat.Felt hungry,had some patties and sandwiches whose price were sky high.Called up my friends unnecessarily, to keep myself busy.I still couldn’t believe the fact that I missed my flight.As time went on, I just kept on staring at my watch and felt as if time had stopped!!!!!

The best thing to do at an Airport, on any occasion is to ogle at the air hostess.They were hot,exotic and my imagination ran wild.Suddenly I struck upon  two girls,simultaneously.One Indian and another, probably British.The Indian babe was  smart and good looking as well.Her gait was like a model.It seemed that she wanted to drive all the men around her crazy.But,the Brit girl,on the other side,was just interested in reading books.She was so engrossed that,even if the earth came to an end,she would not budge from her place.She was very cute and beautiful and I just couldn’t help,but admire her.She was wearing a coat and matching trousers.I watched her every movement,from popping a chewing gum every 15-20 minutes, to using the marker,for marking important paragraphs.I felt that,I was in love, but I regained consciousness and felt wtf!!!!!!I felt that suddenly an six feet tall giant would pop up from somewhere and take away my dream girl.As the clock struck twelve,The Indian girl changed her dress,and wore something more provocative and bold.I was in for a treat(Missing a flight is not so bad)!!!!!

Time passed away in watching cute babies all around, and how they speak English better than I do.Meanwhile my dream girl,had a short tour,to a book shop,which was infested with Playboys,Vogues and all other nasty magazines.She felt that none of them are worth a read.Whereas the Indian girl picked up a Chetan Bhagat’s “Two States” and returned it back after flipping through it.So unromantic.Later my girl got a cola for herself and sat in the next row,She sipped and my heart dipped.Whereas the exotic Indian babe,found pleasure in photo shooting herself,which I know that she would post in Orkut and Facebook and drive despos like me nuts.

Other that looking at my dream girl,I found pleasure in playing with the ATM’s,loitering aimlessly ,as the security guards stared at me suspiciously.Finally entered the book shop,and started looking at those video and game cd’s,rather than books.Finally,I felt that it was all too much and got a seat closer to my girl.The rest of the night was spent by watching my girl disappearing with her luggage and again popping out of nowhere.I fell asleep at around 4:00 in the morning.When I woke up,my girl had left.

In the morning,it was petty cold.I was shivering, so I had tea.I charged up my mobile,acquired my boarding pass.I myself got freshened up,with the first ray of sunshine,that descended upon me.I remembered that I was a man on a mission.I got up,stretched myself,pulled up my low waist jeans,put on my shades and with the burden of the whole world resting on my back,I made my way back to home.

Life puts you in strange situations,about whom you could have ever imagined.The best thing is to enjoy every moment of it and learn from it.Its not that bad to miss a flight, unless you got a job interview  next day.

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2 Responses to One night@Airport

  1. Neo Jones says:

    shit!! u missed ur gal’s BOARDING…TAXIING….DEPARTURE…..bad luck

  2. onkar says:

    good decision to stay on that nite….i can guarantee u dat if u had left 4 home dat ni8 u wud hav definitely ended missin nxt days fli8 as wel…..9.55 is too early in the mornin mahn!!!

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