Flight fear!!!!!

These days the airfares have become so cheap that one can afford to reach his destination on one of the greatest marvels of human beings.You get a chance to soar about 28000 m to 30000  m above sea level.When you look down from the small window next to your seat, you can just manage to see those satellite view of the landscape,as you might see in Google maps or may just manage to see the array of clouds beneath you.The feeling that you have soared over any mortal being is great.But the fear of inevitable death also looms large on your mind,even with a minute treble of the aircraft.

Well,lets be frank.If you fall from 30,000 or even 5,000 feet, in case of a plane crash, you would turn into a pulp.Moreover,the mode of death,won’t be any easier.The falling of luggage,or the massive weight of your fellow passengers on your organs,are good enough to snatch your life,let alone the huge blast.So every time, I am wished “Happy Journey” by the plane crews, I am reminded of how terrible the journey can turn into.

Well,it all starts with the plane making its way to the runway.It jolts(considering the secondary runways are as good as Indian roads) unnecessarily.The monstrous wings shakes quite vigorously and gives a feeling that it won’t survive the entire journey.Once it reaches the main runway(a comparatively better one),then it all starts.The aircraft speeds up,should be around 100 to 150 km/hr,all kinds of strange noises are heard.All I do is close my eyes and pray to God to forgive my Sins(Although I know that I had committed too much of them!).Once I know that the aircraft have lost its touch from the ground,i open my eyes, only to see myself soar above the houses and trees.The plane turns left or right and scares the hell out of me!!!!!

Once the ascent is done,you feel comfortable,as you know that you are at such a height that you are left just at the mercy of God and the droning engines on the either sides.Once the flight is airborne, the Air Hostess soothes your nerves with  their charm and oomph.You won’t mind dying either.Probably the best moment in your entire journey.

the worst moment is yet to come.Well,if you are flying on a sunny day, with clear weather, then your journey would be memorable.But on a cloudy,windy day,your journey will be memorable too but for the wrong cause.The plane takes several jolts.You feel that the inevitable is near.You turn cold.The plane may suddenly slid down and drive you nuts.On a bad day,you might see few luggage tumble down.You start to wish that you had better opted for a train.Be a man of steel.Persevere.Keep yourself calm.In real critical situation,only a person with a clear and calm mind survives.

Once the plane starts to descend, you know that you have a chance.You watch that you are gradually going down.Once the plane touches the ground,you give out a sigh of relief,along with switching on your mobile phone,to convey to your near and dear ones,that you survived!!!!!

A plane journey  makes you feel helpless when you are thousands of feet above the soil, no matter how powerful or rich you are.We have no control on our fate,so enjoy life before you run out of it.

So how do you fly??????

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One Response to Flight fear!!!!!

  1. Neo Jones says:

    you can keep ur phone turned on ….that ensurees the air hostess’ attention which consequently keeps u turned on(GOD forbid the air hostesses)…n walk away with the after landing..they usually go to hotels(or if u r lucky to their homes)

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