First Day@College

Ya,its that time of the year again.Its college time!!!!!In India,this is the time, when admissions to Engineering or other colleges are at full swing.Its that time of the year,when one gets a chance to get into a college , which one had nourished dreams for years.One gets a chance to venture into those classrooms,which had converted or rather metamorphosed many ordinary school pass outs to great professionals.So,the day you enter the big rusty iron gates, which also bears the name of your college,you get goosebumps.One generally steps into the college for the first time,accompanied by his/her parents(ya ya I know,that you guys of this Generation are smarter and daring).One gets enthralled,and just can’t wait to go and take the seat in the classroom and for the first ever lecture(believe me,that after few months, you will dread such stuffs!!!!!).Your journey to stardom or your joy ride, begins here.

During our days, we generally preferred cool,decent casuals or formals, for the first day of our college life.Remember, First impression,is the last impression.So its normal for young males and females to dress attractively(unless you are a Sage).You will find all young dudes and babes, make way to the college, probably in most attractive, or rather provocative attires and you won’t miss the senior lechers, hanging lustily from the college balconies(They apply trigonometry theorems, for a better angle)or sitting nastily at the canteen desks, probably making incident comments, which none of you should care about,at least for the first few days, as this days ragging has been banned and college authorities hire special security, who accompany freshers, virtually everywhere(even in toilets).So,you will be safe!!!!!!Please don’t spoil your early days of your college life in fear, of being subjected to various tortures,which you had read earlier in newspapers.Just enjoy, your early days, because these memories, you would treasure for the rest of your life.Moreover, remember that all your seniors are your bullies.They can be great friend, believe me.They can help you a lot with their stale experiences, accommodations and many other illegal stuffs!!!!!

Within few moments, you would find yourself in class, which may not be the best looking one, but doesn’t lack decorations.You will find the choicest of abuses inscribed on the walls, benches,desks everywhere.It actually aids you in learning them faster.In toilets,you would find all possible answers for all possible semester questions, let alone objectionable stuffs.Generally, girls tend to sit together in groups(sorry boys!!!!!), unless you have previous liaisons.So just be content in enjoying the contours.

Had enough of ogling,then one should focus on the professor’s lectures(probably for the last time).If you are a normal human being,then you won’t understand anything(Sorry Geeks!!!!!).The span lecture would seem like decades.But eventually,your first lunch break would arrive once, you would feel to surrender.I bet that it would be the best, eventful lunch break of your life.From giving introduction to seniors, to proposing a girl,to falling in love with the beautiful eyes of someone,to making new friends,to knowing your environment,to discussing the lectures,to check out the fashion Quotient……phew!!!!!!You don’t need me to tell that , it would probably be the shortest lunch ever.After that, you again head towards those dull,boring classes.
After all classes or lab sessions are over,then comes the time to go home.Its a crucial time,as there are all chances of you falling prey to seniors.Be on your toes throughout,as the security won’t escort you to your home.But, hey , see the brighter side of life man.You get unlimited time to interact with various other peoples,make girlfriends or whatever.Now you are free, as you are on the other side of college boundaries.Enjoy the knowledge,enjoy the freedom and above all enjoy life.The sunset will mark the beginning of your new life.Because I guarantee you that you will remember and miss those days of innocence,fun,love and craziness, while sitting on your cozy chairs of your office and you will crave to get back to those days,but you won’t!!!!!!

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2 Responses to First Day@College

  1. onkar says:

    dont make me feel so nostalgic…….by the way my phone not yet activated..been 5 days now since i got it…neways i shall call u as soon as i have it active…i dont even remembr d no. even dude.. but keep in least try to..

  2. Chandrajit says:

    One thing yaar.. plz use our picts if possible… It brings more life to everything.

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