Unnatural Talents

By God’s grace,I recently got an offer from a renowned MNC and enjoying my working days(Ya,working is not that bad actually) and mostly because they pay me handsomely for nothing.All my colleagues are ultimate Geeks and talented, but I found out a way to categorize them.

Well, they are basically of two types-the first category of people are quite boring and serious about their work and the other are like happy go lucky people, without any worries or bindings.But people of either categories are equally talented.Work pressure and expectations from an IT guy is always sky high.If you fail to meet them,you will be shown the door.So I respect either catagories of people, but I admire people of the later type.

Life is very strange.It is full of ups and downs.Its full of thrills and surprises.Its full of sad and joyous incidents.Sometimes one suffers such blows that the natural traits of a person changes drastically and his vision towards life changes completely.So all the serious geeks of my company,may have succumbed to strange situations,which might had changed their lifestyle or they were born like that.I sympathize for the former kind and regret for the later.Anyways they are special too, although they don’t make you feel one or neither they exude positive energy which aids in innovation.I only notice such employees heading to the office on or before time,doing their goddamn job,rarely smiling or chatting with each other and makes their way out of the office like a moron.
Naturally I like  happy go lucky kind of geeks.People who don’t succumb to pressure, troubles or any hurdles that life may put in their path.Luckily most of my colleagues are like that.They arrive late in office,chats and crack jokes for the most of the time.They are damn serious during their work(which doesn’t last for more than an hour anyways).People of this kind are very helpful and radiates positiveness, which makes one feel good.Moreover if you are in a field which requires innovation,you need an environment,which should be full of fun and frolic, to ease out the pressure, and paves your way for fresh ideas.These people are not only the live wire at the office,but they are equally notorious outside.So I call these people Unnatural Talents, as they are different and does their stuffs in style.

Life is not confined to your cabin,so think out of the box,live every moment and above all enjoy!!!!!!

So what talent do you posses??

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2 Responses to Unnatural Talents

  1. Chandrajit says:

    I guess the later type… 😀

  2. onkar says:

    congrats to the above person…ebar tr8 kobe??prince e to??

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