So near yet so far…….

In this post of mine,I am actually going to tell you a strange story of friendship.It is a very personal blog,and I warn you that you may get bored while reading this.Actually it is the feeling that I am penning , err, typing out.The two main protagonists involved are me and Satrajit Mahato.I won’t speak much about myself(you can google out my name to find more), but I will speak about the other protagonist of the story.Yep,Satrajit is a boy from Satragachi,Howrah.The common properties that we share is that both of us are shy and spoiled brats.I met this guy during the second year of my college, but we were mere classmates then.None of us were interested in each other.His stylish apparels was the only object that made me notice him.But destiny had other ideas
and we became unseperable friends.You wanna know how??Then keep reading!!!!!! People become friends over coffee,in library,in toilets,in office,in tuitions,over internet……I mean virtually in every possible place in this goddamn world.But EA Sports Fifa 09 brought us together.Confused??I will tell you how!!!!!Well, “Jab manzil ek ho, to raahein mil hi jaatein hain”.If you ask two fifa crazy men, who are followers of rival clubs(ManU and Barca)to clash on a virtual
field, sparks are bound to fly and it flew.

Be it midnight or early morning,we fought hard.The worst part of it was the pre match conversations on gtalk,which used to charge us up, so much that every match was a do or die situation for us.If I
won,then I drove him nuts,by abusing him(we never used
slangs), and when I lost he drove me crazy with his trademark
“ha ha ha ha ha ” and “goallllllllllsssss” and urging me
learn to play and all other craps.The more we fought, our
friendship just got deeper.

I sacrificed my study for Fifa,he too did the same.I drowsed myself in the virtual world and so did he.Both of us were more interseted in reviewing club formation in college class rather than understanding the internals of a compiler.But our friendship was not just one
dimensional.We enjoyed several moments together,ogled at
beautiful girls together,blundered at gateforum classes
together and the list just ceases to end!!!!!
We have helped each during assignments, sometimes
during semesters.I still remember that how I used to soothe
him during vivas,as he uder to get freaked out.But he gave me
the greatest gift of my life on 24,June,2010.Yes I remember
the exact day!!!!!I was in Satrajit’s house, after a
devastating interview at HSBC bank.Careless by nature,we were
too busy playing Fifa rather than worrying about our future.
Suddenly I was called up for a telephonic interview at late
afternoon.Unfortunately,the moment I was about to start the
telephonic interview,there was a powercut.It was difficult to
continue with the gruelling interview,as it required me to
work out problems on paper. In no time,Satrajit opened up all
the windows and made all possible arrangements, so that I can
continue with the interview.He made the most significant
contribution, by helping me to find an answer of just one
question,which mattered most in terms of selection.Finally,I
got selected, and moved to a goddamn place called Hyderabad
to be a part of an wonderful company,leaving back Fifa and my
dear friend.

We still stay connected over phone.But those days
of fierce competition are over.I lost a competitor,who never
gave up until the 90 minute whistle was blown.He inspired me
and changed my life.recently,I got a great news that Satrajit
has got a job in a government sector at Ahmedabad.He was
homesick for the last few days,didn’t have an option, but to
move to a different land.But for the last few days,I got a
bit more involved in my work, and didn’t call him
up.Yesterday,I bought a Fifa 09 original DVD, just to spice
up our fight more genuinely, but that proved to be an irony.
Today morning I got the following SMS from Satrajit:

“Adieu my frnd…..
Bidding u bye….
Leaving the ground..
Am reaching for d sky..
Parting wid u…..not knowing
when we’ll meet..
But whenever we do..
Don’t forget the tr8
I feel heart
cries loud..
Wheneva u think me..hv faith..i’ll find  u in d
Tk cr….my dear..


Probably the most touching sms that I ever recieved.He lefty
for Ahmedabad today morning,but left behing tons and tons of
goals and memories.Everytime,I double click on the Fifa
icon,I will remember you my friend.Way to go my friend,you
conquered Stadio Olympico,my heart and now go on and rule the
professional world.
So where did you find your buddy?????

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2 Responses to So near yet so far…….

  1. Neo Jones says:

    hey man!! that’s probably the most touching blog i have ever read in my entire life!shot straight from thy heart! way 2 go man!! camp nou is sad for their manager is no more THEIR manager…wish sat a very happy and successful life! the sms was also a diamond among all others….KIU!!

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