Break the Rules!!!!!

Rules are meant to be broken…… aren’t they??What is the point of following rules, when you can make your life so spicy by breaking them. The fun and satisfaction you get by breaking some rules or treading some forbidden path is incomparable.Well I will state in the following lines,about some methodologies to break the rules.So be ready to be the BAD boy now!!!!!!

Break ’em One

Try to be late in the first day of your school,college or job life.It pays.Believe me man, as I have tried them all successfully.In school, from the very first day, I was late, and I caught the attention of the principal on the very first day.We kept meeting virtually every other day, till I passed out.He loved me a lot,because my excuses for being late were unnatural.I was late on the very first day of my college.I entered in the middle of a class and caught the fancy of many girls.Got a lot of proposals,but rejected all(aye,believe it).I was late in the first day of my office and continue to be late virtually everyday, by nearly an hour.Guess what,the manager’s expectations have increased manifold.Baby,its all about Unnatural talents(read it!!!!!).

Break ’em Two

This one is better.In Hyderabad(ya,the goddamn place where I am surviving),there are no traffic rules.You blink and you are dead.You thought that footpaths are meant for mortal beings,then you are wrong.Here,it is meant for autos and bikes,who makes their way during a traffic jam,through footpath.Moreover the one ways here are just worthless.Cars ply in every possible direction here.So look in every possible direction when crossing the One Way road,thanks to the rule breakers.

Break ’em Three

Arriving office late is so much fun.You don’t have an option if you happen to be a late riser.The adventurous part is when you arrive late and move hideously, to your goddamn cabin,saving yourself from confronting the manager and justifying your habit.Its an hide  and seek game or its more like crossing the border unnoticed.

Break ’em Four

It is serious fun to cause mayhem in your rented room,when your landlord happens to be conservative one.Throwing Jockey(ya the brand of underwear which proclaims that it is the next best thing than naked)from balcony,playing music at high volumes,dancing like insane people,throwing leftover food at neighbors roof,drinking beer and doing all possible nasty stuffs.Jesus!!!!!

Break ’em Five

Writing the blog in the office itself is a great blunder.But I have to do it.I don’t know why.It gives me immense pleasure and relaxation to write all these craps.Although I am endowed with an important project of Bank Of America, but they can wait.

So flunk the rules and enjoy(Till you are sacked!!!!!)

So what have you broken?????…….I mean rules!!!!!!!

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One Response to Break the Rules!!!!!

  1. Neo Jones says:

    he he!! nice one man!! keep ’em comin baby no wonder how many of ’em u break!

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