Being Single!!!!!

Being single is Hard.This is a universal fact,believe it.This post is not meant for those who have  had a break up in recent past.I guess those people would love to be single,for the rest of their life.Ignore them.Who doesn’t want a partner to splurge on.I won’t mind spending half of my goddamn salary on a decent girl.Ya,I am advertising it.Interested people can apply.I will explain you where you feel the pinch,if you happen to be single,just like me

In workplace

Life is not about structure,union,pointers and goddamn queries.Bug fixing is good,but who will patch up the loneliness of our hearts.So an optimizer searches for a tweak,which will fix up his life.Lets come to the point.There are plenty of damsels all around me,and I could not figure out the best one.When I try to figure out one,I find that she had already figured out her boyfriend,or is engaged.But I enjoy,some girls staring at me in the canteen(ya,these days I look cool),but don’t get the courage to move forward.No,wonder,I hover around the canteen frequently.Sometimes unnecessarily and sometimes just  enjoying the pie!!!!!

In the Malls

Hyderabad is full of malls.Probably some are the best in the country. people don’t mind splurging here. But they are hit,because some stuffs are costly,whereas some are less costly.Forget cheap!!!!!I found some of the most exotic beauties out there.They are show-stoppers!!!!!Don’t know how they find the most weirdest looking people as their boyfriend.Believe me.Just for money!!!!!But I find nice looking couples too,and my heart craves more for a life partner.For the time being, my shopping is all about chasing beauties up and down the elevators.Just kidding !!!!!!

In the movie plexes

Well,who wants to watch a movie,when you find two love birds in front or beside you , getting cozy in the middle of darkness and yawns.Two beautiful lovebirds and their antics will keep you on the edge of the seat.

In the parks

Read love park,for more details.

Bus stops

My heart stops @ Bus stop.With all the models,at their best attire and their stylish gait,knocks the hell outta every single MAN.Although buses here are quiet weired,as you don’t get one in 30 minutes.But its worth the wait.Although their faces remain half covered in the veils,but their eyes kill!!!!!

Hey man,cut the crap,all I need is a girl friend, who would cook for me in free!!!!!!

Just kidding!!!!!Love is life.So Live it…………….

Do you enjoy to be Single?????

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One Response to Being Single!!!!!

  1. guess who says:

    the wedding bells are chiming……….i can hear ’em

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