The Art Of Cooking

Oh!!!Man……Its far more easy to fix bugs in a software than to cook.I realize it now.Back at home,I just restricted myself in devouring the tasty meals cooked by mom.Now you wanna know, why I am saying so.I know that many of you guys are expert cooks,but this post is targeted for noobs.

Hurdle One

The most difficult thing is to decide upon what you actually want to cook.Every possible option that you can think of seems to tough to be tried.Once you think of making delicious chicken curry,then you suddenly realize that its beyond you,or the cost of wasting 1/2 kilos of chicken is not worth experimenting.Then all comes down to good old Maggi.You won’t even mind screwing that up,as it is quite cheap.

Hurdle Two

Then you plan for a source of power.I mean gas oven and stuffs like that.When you have got  a landlord who forbids any such stuffs,then you don’t have any goddamn option but to buy a wretched heater and burn up your money along with your Maggi.But we preferred to burn up money,than to starve to death!!!!!

Hurdle Three

Life wouldn’t have been so tough,had just the food and power source would have been enough to feed ourselves.We need goddamn utensils.Cup,plates,spatula,handi,kadai , bowls,plates…..phew!!!!! These stuffs together proved to be more costly than the power source alone.Even worse,you have to clean them.Back home,our maid servant got thousand bucks for that,but here I get only back strain.

Hurdle Four

Failure.It hurts most.If you thought that you will make a good vegetable curry for yourself,and end up eating raw,burnt up stuffs, you feel so frustrated, that you promise to stop experimenting with food that very moment.

Hurdle Five

It hurts!!!!!Burns and pain is all you receive while cooking you goddamn tasteless food.Amateurs like us have no idea when to pour oil,how to keep a safe distance while putting dried vegetables in the kadai.So if you get careless even for a moment,you are gone!!!!Keep Burnol,it comes handy!!!!!

Well life is not so bad either,but the Maggi,the first and the only food I cooked(actually you don’t have to cook either),tasted awesome,but not better than those cooked by mom.

So whats cooking?????

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2 Responses to The Art Of Cooking

  1. fhubho says:

    biye kore fel…

  2. Neo Jones says:

    agree with fhubho…a begum can manage your maggi and other needs even better….

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