How to get a Pink Slip!!!!!

Well,nobody wants a pink slip, even in the weirdest of their dreams. Of course unless you are totally pissed off with the job.On the part of the new joiners, everyone wants to put in their very best to impress the manager.They try to be disciplined,well behaved,well dressed and shows good positive attitude.Well thats how things generally shape up.But some people prefers other way,which are generally not considered Safe by Normal people.Well,let me tell you a few great ideas about getting a pink slip fast,

Idea One

Just get yourself a seat beside the manager.He is the ultimate.So if you find a way to piss him off, you will have a greater probability to be chucked out of the company.Be it near or far,the manager always has an eye on everybody.He knows everything.So why not seat near his vicinity and directly let him know about your wrong doings.

Idea Two

Arrive office late.Just as simple as that.On being asked either give lame excuses of being caught up in the traffic or be straightforward and say him,that you got really fatigued after the last night@disco.It worked for few centuries and it will work wonders for your case too.

Idea Three

Sleep in the office.We all love to sleep.No god damn thing can separate us,not even your work.So make yourself comfortable on your seat,and just switch to your virtual world,which might be far more interesting than your goddamn real world.For better and faster action,try to snore.

Idea Four

Watch something objectionable, over the internet.Download objectionable stuffs at high volumes.Use torrent.Put up vulgar wallpapers, and better print them out and display them in your cabin.It will work man.You will achieve freedom in no time.

Idea Five

Wreck havoc in the industry.Make sure that when you leave , you become infamous.i know that IT guys doesn’t get much privileges to access precious internals of their respective company,but you still have few options.Go and piss on your main servers,as they cost few lakhs  or crores and they will go down in no time or better still spread some malicious newly made virus over the organization network.I guess you guys have far more fertile brains,to think of much better creative ideas.

Living a One dimensional life is never an option.Spice up your life.Flout the rules.If your company doesn’t discard you,even if you have committed the crimes stated above,then they need you.Or else enjoy your freedom, a better company awaits you!!!!!

So how do you impress your manager?????

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One Response to How to get a Pink Slip!!!!!

  1. Neo says:

    at my workplace even if you do all these things you shall still retain your position….

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