Movies you should watch before you Die!!!!!

We are all mortal beings. Although we crave for immortality,we won’t be.Life is short.We find all means to shorten it further.So why not spice up the few days that we are going to live.The easiest way to do so,is to buy the DVD’s of the five movies which I am going to mention below and watch them over and over again.You will die earlier. Guaranteed.This edition is on Bollywood.I will find some time to take on Hollywood too.Now just feel the fain that I went through watching these movies……


Well,the movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s famous novel One Night@Call Centre had caught everyone’s fancy.The star cast of Sherman,Sohail,Gul Panag was decent along with Salman and Katrina in the lead.I just couldn’t wait for the movie to start.The hall was partially full.As you know the crowds don’t have much liking for good,sensible stuffs.But,what followed was,yaaawwwwnnnnnn.It was a yawnathon.I regretted every second I wasted in the movie theater.Neither the hot sex scene between Sharman and Gul,neither the lackluster performance of the cast and as for Salman and Katrina,they have roles so short,that you blink and you miss.I got so pissed off that I refrained myself from moving into the cinema hall for a month or to.


Thank God that I did,t spend any buck for this one.I actually got the pirated ripped version from a friend of mine.Obviously for Nisha Kothari yaar!!!!!She was new and fresh that time.She caught everyone’s fancy.The movie has got few seductive songs.Otherwise,the movie was just a waste,as like any other RGV movies.I forgot the name of the MAN,with six pack abs and dumb expressions.His role was just to bed Nisha Kothari and beat the goons to pulp.But still enjoy the exclusive video:



A man who created marvels like Satya,Rangeela,Sarkar series, nowdays most of the time comes of with no brainers.We all have seen Sholay of 70’s.An awesome movies.Only Ramu successfully managed to make a crap of it.It takes some doing.Luckily,I knew that the movie would be a huge flop,from the very first promo and I was not wrong.Big B as Babban,was probably and arguably the most irritating creature.The songs were poor.Nisha Kothari was there just for your eyes only.Ajay Devgan and a new guy as jay and Veeru were ordinary.The script was just horrible.Ramu, please go and see a psychiatric.


A movie so much hyped,sank without a trace.You won’t want to miss any movie that features Kyle Minogoue ,would you????? Moreover Akki in action,promised that blue would be a edge on the seat stuff.What was the final product?????An overweight Sanjay Dutt,a complete misfit.Akshay not even near his best.Zayed, as usual proved to be a sidekick,just about shrieking every now and then.The only pros about this movie,well its Lara Dutta, in the skimpy clad Bikini…….which made us shout……blueeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Actually I am not much sure about how many zzzzzzzzzz to append.It won’t make much of a difference,will it?????A decent Aap Ka Suroor, drew handful of audience to the theaters and provided them ample time to zzzzzzzzzzzzz.A Himesh howler,can piss off any living creatures on earth.How can you save yourself from being subjected to one noise to another.I mentioned noise, not songs. Even the veteran Urmila,nor Danny could prevent it from being the worst  movie of the year.With or without caps,Himesh, the actor, sucks!!!!! Please spare the evergreen hits like Karz of Rishi Kapoor and making out crap remakes.

Which Bollywood movie pissed you off most?????

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  1. fhubho says:

    wht abt prince????

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