Home Coming………

It feels like decades spent at this goddamn city called Hyderabad.Although it has hardly been four months.It always feels great to escape from this maddening city and breathe fresh air. Moreover spending the puja days at this wretched city is just painful. So decided to make a move to home town.That attraction was too much to ignore.

Had to book tickets two months earlier, else one have no option other than to splurge his entire salary for a return ticket.So the journey was pre planned.Again that same 7:40 pm flight which I had missed earlier(Read: One Night@Airport).So set off for the airport with some extra time in hand,and thus avoiding any unwanted adventures.

The airport of Hyderabad,Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,is certainly one of the best in the country.Obtained the boarding pass early,and went in after Security check.Then the long wait in the lounge for the flight to start boarding.Meanwhile noticed that most of the people seating around are Bengalis.Even the spaghetti tops and the halter necks could not hide the Bengaliness of the babes around.Moreover it felt a lot better to listen people talk in Bengali,as I was bored to hell with Telegu!!!!!

There was a smile in every one’s face , as the plane landed on Kolkata at around 10 in the night.The feeling at that moment can’t be explained.A lady sitting behind me,shouted out of joy,when she saw something written in Bengali, as visible through the small window of the aircraft.Jesus…..she might have come back home after a decade,I guess!!!!!!

After alighting from the plane,I suddenly felt the change in weather.Ya,its that hot,humid weather, but I didn’t mind.While making my way back to home from airport, I saw several pandals and people hopping from one pandal to another to watch partimas(pun intended).I rested myself on the seat,closed my eyes and breathed the air of my homeland.That night I had the most peaceful sleep,which healed the bruises inflicted on me by Hyderabad.


So how do you feel to return home?????

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2 Responses to Home Coming………

  1. Palash says:

    Nice to read d blog 🙂
    I will try to read ur other blogs too…

  2. Palash says:

    It feels great 2 return home 🙂

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