World of IT:An Insider’s View

Ya,the word IT has great significance to all the budding Engineers.Thats their final destination.The work, glitter, glamor,hype is good enough to lure them.As I had mentioned in an earlier post of mine,that how Sector V , Kolkata, lured me.I craved to be a member of one of those IT giants.That time,I used to seat in those tea stalls outside those monstrous buildings and watch those CTS, TCS guys and girls pass by,but today I am an IT guy!!!!!Today, I have had enough experience to share with you, about the world inside.

This world is quite strange.With every passing day I discover new things.I get to know more.The ID card that adorns my neck,which displays my name and the company I serve,has a great meaning.Every time I touch it, I feel a sense of responsibility.So I only wear it,while making an entry to the office and then I put it off!!!!! Every time I comfort myself on the cozy seat,I realize why I am here for.So, yeah , entire mental setup changes.But outside the office or between work hours I always chill out with friends,because I don’t believe in losing my identity.I still blog,watch movies,play games on LAN and do all other stuffs, which I used to do in college days.So I have not changed,but situations have.

I get goosebumps,when I see young people eagerly waiting for their interview round,with so much anxiety on their face and looking at me, and sometime even coming up to me and asking for suggestions and even calling me “Sir”.Jeez!!!!!!!They remind me of my days of struggle.

There is more to office than work.One always has to be on his toes while dealing with any of his colleagues.It is one of the toughest jobs,apart from keeping the manager happy.The environment here is quite different.People talk with each other mostly discussing work related issues.Most of their behavior seems fake.All of them seems to be interested in pleasing their seniors.I mean,you have to be very clever,to make your way up the ladder.Its a different game altogether!!!!!!

Being an insider,I can assure you that life is indeed colorful over here.High salaries,late night parties,shopping malls,girlfriends, pubs will become a part of your life.I know that it takes a lot to get into this world,but I can assure you that it takes more,to stay here.Among all the fun stuffs that yo do,its very likely that you lose yourself.Never allow that to happen.Always remember that you are still that young man,with dreamy eyes,who has set out from home, to conquer the world.So let nothing come between you and your ambition.Fly high,sky high!!!!!!!!

So what is your take on the IT industry??


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3 Responses to World of IT:An Insider’s View

  1. pm9732 says:

    I can just say that,
    I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. But still 4 me IT industry rocks…

  2. Chandrajit Rudra says:

    Nice…. keeping ones true self becomes indeed tough at times…

  3. onkar says:

    moteo na………my lyf has become completely colourless and days seem to me lyk illusions now…..

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