In Search Of a Home……

Home…..ya,that is the only term that soothes my ears these days. I am equally homesick today,as I was when I first stepped on to the soil of Hyderabad.As I am typing down these words,I can still see a plane flying high up in the sky,and it reminded me that I have to take a trip back home,sooner. Home is the best place for tired souls,like me to rest.But,for the time being I had arranged for a temporary rented flat.

Ya, from the very beginning of my IT career,I have been living with four others super talented fellows.For the time being,we are a family.So initially,we had rented a flat,at Vengal Rao Nagar,near S.R Nagar,Hyderabad. It was a 2 BHK flat, and 5 of us virtually jostled for space.But we never complained.The rooms were pretty OK type.Nothing extravagant.Our landlord had a small family of his wife and two daughters, and for your interest let me know you that I was not in love with any one of them.Our only mode of communication was the landlord’s wife, and we called her Aunty.She just managed to understand and speak English.Sometimes we suffered from miscommunication as well.But everything was smooth.

The best feature of that flat was the roof.Actually to be fair,it was the water tank.Me and my friends have spent several hours chatting,drinking(soft drinks,not alcohols) and gazing at the horizon.The sunset view was awesome.The roof had a soothing effect on me.The day my parents left me,I sat on the water tank till late night,thinking of what to do with this goddamn life,in this goddamn fast city.I was in a very irritated mood that day,but the awesome view of the sunset and the calmness all around calmed me down.Even laying on the back and watching the stars was also a good options,when we had nothing better to do.But today I don’t have that option.

The inevitable happened.Our office shifted to Hi-Tech city.We had to look for another flat near to the office as moving to office from there was not feasible.We found a room,double the size of the present one and cost too.Presently we are lodging there.Its in Madhapur,and we live in a colony infested with engineers and femme fatals.Our new found flat is much grand in size and style, and we don’t have to cram ourselves.But again I lost something……….

The day we packed our belongings and decided to set off,I began to feel the pain.Pain of losing another home.It was a day after Diwali.We packed all our belongings,which had actually tripled,since we came here.Thanks to our trips to the shopping malls.When all packed and done,we loaded all out stuffs,to the semi auto carriage van.It was the time to leave.I had the responsibility to check the cupboards,kitchens to search for anything we left back.Every nook of the flat I searched , I found nothing but tons of memories related to that particular place flashed in front of my eyes.After all the search,I found nothing but memories.As I was descending down the stairs,Aunty was standing in the staircase with teary eyes, and just managed to say “All the Best”.After a pause,she said “Language was the only problem”, to which I replied that “Language was never a problem”(Actually I had watched kites,the other night).Within a span of four months I lost another Home.I now firmly believe that we are emotionally attached to the non-leaving stuff called home and its surroundings,as we are to its members.

So how homesick are you??

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3 Responses to In Search Of a Home……

  1. Palash says:

    I do feel too much homesick some times, that’s why I came to my home(kolkata) today. Hope that will heal my pain deep inside. Someone has truly said that:

    “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

  2. Chandrajit Rudra says:

    Left my dear dear home at durgapur… more than 4 years ago after spending 18 years of my life there… never spent 2 weeks at a stretch at dgp till den… I was sad, frightened to come to a dark village den known to me as “some-gram”….
    Gradually I embraced that “some-gram” and started with it as my new home at “adisaptagram”…Although it was to another loving but sometimes sucking place called adisaptagram… the best of my memories still lay there in every corner…. for the second time.. i knew i was missing some place which i had thought for once…. “This is my home”.. i cried very much and missed “home” again….
    next, as i moved off to Kolkata… about 6 months have passed away… and i’ve yet again started to love this place….. I know that I’ll miss it once again when I leave it sometime later….

    But, yet again, I know that a new “home” is awaiting my arrival…. 🙂

  3. onkar says:

    ya leaving adisaptagram was also very painful for me.i visited colg for some official stuff this nov,mahn….the empty lanes of messpara tore me heart apart………but m not that worried with missin chinsurah too much tho…in fact bangalore is good ree……

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