This December!!!!!

There comes the merry time of the year,i.e. December.This month has got a very special charm in itself.From the perspective of an Indian, I can say that this is the most joyous month mainly because of the weather.Obviously,we cannot ignore the Christmas,which has grown bigger in India with every passing year, like Valentine day.Every one goes on vacation  or indulges in fun sports during this part of the year.It is the right time to go crazy and wild.So as usual I will tell you what no to do this December, so that your Xmas cake turns out to be sweet one!!!!!

Caution One

As the last week of the year comes by, the footfall in the night club rises faster than sensex.Not to mention, most of them happen to be singles.The ambiance,the music, the wine, can drive any animal crazy, let alone a partner starved singleton. So specially boys, be careful, when you make your move to the bombshell at the bar, or making sensuous gestures in the dance floor, because a bouncer like boyfriend always lurks within     10 m range of their mates.So if you don’t want to be painted black and blue on the New year’s eve, be cautious while you make your move.

Caution Two

I have watched a trend over here in Hyderabad and hope that Hyderabad youths are no different form others in India, that the single guys tend to ride their monster bikes at a killing speed.I don’t know whether the drones of machine really attracts women(atleast Indian),and in case if they do I am going to but a Harley Davidson on this new year eve. Anyways, I just want to tell my young friends with high adrenaline rush, that there are several other safer ways to find a girlfriend, rather than speeding on a crowded, dangerous streets, with no protection.Guys with a girlfriend in the backseat tend to be a lot calmer in their way of riding than the ones without them. Mind that in case you die for driving insanely, not a single girl would remember you as the world’s greatest Romeo, but you parents would lose theirs most precious possession.

Caution Three

As the common saying,Shop till you drop, most of us follow them as the only motto of our lives.So I suggest that you watch your step.Don’t go crazy over the year end, although you get many attractive offers, but some attractions can be fatal.I guess you don’t want to begin the next year with a huge debit on your back.Credit cards are like girlfriends, because you use them initially and then they make you pay later!!!!

Caution Four

Control your greediness, not in bed but in the dining table.Ya, we all know that during the festive last week of the year, we just gorge on pizzas, cakes, pastries at a quantity, which might make an elephant think, let alone your poor stomach.So enjoy the fireworks in the sky at 12 on 31st December and not in your tummy, in the loo.

Caution Five

Had enough of Gyans??I won’t piss you off more.So here is a suggestion which you can follow to feel different on the new years eve.Just run away from the maddening crowds of the cities to a quieter place.Go on a roof top, or a small hillock.Watch out for the fireworks in the distant sky.Watch out for the moon in full glory.Get into a flashback mode, and cherish the special events of the year,which is just about to pass by.This suggestion is only applicable for couples and if you are single, then try out your luck in nightclub!!!!!


So how naughty would you get on this December??????

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