Its a night to cherish!!!!!

As I just keep on typing at a brisk pace from my cubicle, which has only one living being and from a nearly vacant office, with sounds of greetings and cheering flowing to my ears.Ya, its the last day of the year.A year which I have grown emotionally and professionally. A year that I will never forget, because it has been the year when I have rolled in dust and it has been the same year when I have tasted real success!!!!!

As the lights are shut off one by one, by the office boys, I take a walk down the memory lane.Early in 2010, I was just a 4th year CSE student, from Academy of technology, with no clear vision of future. I just enjoyed my life to the fullest.I used to reach college late, bunked classes, slept in the class, copied assignments shamelessly,had Fifa discussions in compiler classes, gone crazy with Sanu and did virtually everything that I didn’t do in my entire engineering carrier.

But sooner, we had to face bitter reality.We came to know that we are not going to get a good campusing.So appeared for every chances that our goddamn colleges gave , in unknown companies.Had to make several trips to Kolkata for off campuses, and every time rejected.As a cool chap, I never allowed frustration to creep into me, but it did when gradually my near and dear ones got job offers, whereas I screwed up in every single interviews.I screwed up GATE as well. And my entire life got screwed.I missed CSC campusing, due to illness and many of my friends who got placed or appeared there, claimed that it was my best bet.I knew that GOD has taken the reign of my carrier.With each passing day, college life tend to become bitter, with the tag of failure on me!!!!!

The day to part arrived gradually, and on the day of farewell I realized that it was all over.I have lived the best part of my life and I am going to lose all my friends, who weer really special.I prepared my mind to hit the streets of Sector V, with my resume and other credentials to land up in any software job. The parting day was painful and I could visualize pain in the forthcoming days as well.

Then I appeared for the last semester, which evoked no emotion or passion.It was like the last hurdle, which would render me the status of a jobless youth from an engineering student.On the other hand, some people kept on accumulating offers, whereas the others were left high and dry. When I felt it was all over, my destiny struck another severe blow. I appeared for another interview, everything went on so well, I was confidant that finally I have done it for myself.Finally I felt that it was the day, on which I could not have done anything wrong.I was ready to pack my bags and move to Bhubaneswar, but was waiting for a confirmation, but couple of days later, they confirmed that I had been rejected!!!!!I started suspecting my abilities and was on the verge of getting freaked out, every time I visualized my uncertain future.”But picture abhi baaki tha mere dost”.A MNC came to our wretched college, and they claimed to be the best Data warehousing company of the world.Who cares, I knew wht was in store for me there.A failure for the 18 th time.The ppt was long and boring(highly technical), and they claimed that they are looking for highly talented guys.I yawned and dozed again.I had no expectations from myself, but miraculously, these people had and they hired me, after  4 hours of grueling technical interview. So the world again turned to be a happy place to live in.

Then again , I had a tough time separating myself from my parents and homeland and settling in a goddamn place called Hyderabad, and till the very moment I am suffering here.I got a different perspective of the world. I have an identity now.I found great friends and colleagues and intriguing work, in indeed the worlds greatest Data warehousing company.But I have not even changed a bit, as I still continue to be lousy, unpunctual, indisciplined young pro.Kept on coming late in office, missed planes and did a heel lot of adventure, which were quite costly.I have spent six months as an optimizer.Loved every moment in Hyderabad, but not Hyderabad. I got great news of all my classmates got placed in reputed MNC’s after initial struggle.So there is happiness all over.

I don’t know what is in store for me.I am going to make some drastic decisions in the forthcoming year.There will be lots of emotion,dramas, edge of the seat thrills and you can catch they live and exclusive only here.Come 2011, and lets see what is in store for me.But for the time being, before they switch off all the lights, let me get my ass off from the office and cherish the last few moments of the year, where I got the true taste of LIFE……………

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One Response to Its a night to cherish!!!!!

  1. staywidme says:

    VERY BEAUTIFLUL yaar !!!!!!!!…. your article reminds me my old College Life ……

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