For the first time in life,I don’t know , whether I am Happy or Sad.Its not homesickness.It’s something else…..I can’t figure it out……because my perception about life is changing with every passing day……..maybe this is the Real life, because it is for the very first time,that I have been exposed to the elements!!!!!!

For a small town boy,who made way to Hyderabad,accompanied by his parents almost a year earlier and that same boy,who makes his way to his cubicle after treading steep,dusty, hilly roads alone, it has been a long journey.The journey was not a very pleasant one.Friendship,love,affection,admiration also gave way to betrayal,backstabbing,hatred,jealousy.I  took them all in my stride.

Moreover,watching such different kind of people,than what I was used to see in my urban home town.Watching parents accompanying their child,oops sorry, child following their parents,as  they proudly enter the malls, really made me think.Time has really progressed too fast…..Once I was shocked to hear, a kid of around 7-8 years demanding a laptop, on the occasion of children’s day, from her father!!!!!She was very aggressive ……Classy people,classy lifetyle….maybe!!!!!!

Although I am complaining,but anyday,after 8 in the evening, you can locate me either gorging on a chicken snacker@KFC,loitering around Adidas or Lee or hanging around in the beautiful garden……infested with femme fatales…..but with most weird looking boy friends….off course money matters……so no time for love!!!!!!

Walking on Hyderabad roads has been quite an experience.Cars and bikes pop up from most unexpected places like girlfriends.Poor traffic  rules and Hot girls,in skimpiest of clothes doesn’t make life easier!!!!!

But,what we see is not real Hyderabad.Go to charminar,laad bazaar and you get to see real people,real Hyderabad.So I have decided to visit every nook and corner of this otherwise one the most historical city of India.Because it is the only way,I heal my bruised heart.So every weekend,I pack my camera and set off on a journey, to discover life, beyond cubicles!!!!!!!!!

Living in an apartment, which is surrounded by several others and from my bedroom,if you look around, through the window, you will find some of the most prestigious industries, which every youngster dreams of.But I dare to see beyond those high rises, I want too see and experience Life,as it comes.

The moment,when I am writing this blog, I have in mind several of my friends,who are making way to the industries, to achieve their dreams.I wish them best of luck, and I will also request them, to be themselves and maintain their identity,because over here it is very easy to lose it.Just be yourself.

So how smooth has been your road so far?????

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One Response to Realization……..

  1. vashistha says:

    Blogging at Work 😉 … very nice article and image arpa.

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