My Experience as a Photographer

Well all you guys out there, how are you.It had been quite a long break for me from blogging.But love it or hate it, I am back!!!!!So lets get started straight away.

I have already spent a year in Deccan and if something kept me going is Photography.Whenever I felt that I have been bored to death by codewalk, I took a break and found solace in Photography.Its not only that putting up exclusive wallpaper like pictures on facebook that would attract millions of viewers(won’t mind if most of them are girls) and comments, but its the sound of shutter release that pleases me most.

I have started photography since I was seven and the passion has grown more rapidly than my hairs fell off. The first thing that I did after relocating to Hyderabad was to get a good camera.Didn’t  buy anything extravagant(frankly my budget didn’t permit), but my Canon has always delighted me.No matter in how shabby conditions I live in, but I always take good care of my camera(but the fact is , I have also dropped it a couple of times from my hand and it survived).

Being a photographer is sexy.Girls get crazy when they see a photographer at work(wish they could!!!!!).As a photographer, I would love to be alone when at work.It helps me to concentrate more.Also if you are carrying people with you they will get bored after a while when they will find you taking a goddamn macro of a flower for 20 odd minutes.So why spoil others party.Hence be self dependent and let yourself go.

Well if you are kneeling down on the ground to take a picture of a tattered leaf, then you will attract a few eyeballs.People might feel that you have lost your sanity(photographers are eccentric anyways), but don’t look at them and stick to your job.For that time being, a tattered leaf is more precious than any other mortals in the planet!!!!!So don’t backdown thinking what others will think, because if you have taken up photography as your hobby then you are freaking crazy anyways!!!!!

There are so many sources of distractions around.Well Hyderabad has so many parks around, which are really good for doing photography stuffs,but then when you find couples getting cozy behind every possible corners in the park it drives me nuts!I even tried out ancient forts and monuments but only found people peeing on the historic walls, or engraving their names or making  love  in deserted corners.

Other distraction is nature itself.It keeps changing so frequently.Very rarely you will get the right combination at the right time.Photography tests your patience!

As a photographer, I always ensure that I have my tripods, memory cards and batteries charged every time, because you should always be ready to pull the trigger, because  special moments pass away very swiftly, and you really don’t wanna miss them.

Well for an artist its the applause that keeps him  going and is same here too!So just pack your bags and move out and go click click.But do take care of one thing, don’t get so careless or engrossed that you lose your life.Its not worth it!Be safe.Moreover keep a national identity proof with you, as it may come handy at times.

As a photographer, I feel that one should always be aware of the surroundings.There are very sensitive places that you would like to rest your camera in your bags.So be anaytical and  take note of your surroundings!

The eyes of a photographer are his most precious possession.What you perceive is what you want to capture.You always do not need to go on a tour to do some good photography, but there are so many small unnoticed stuffs all around you, which can prove to be potential subjects.So keep an eye for such stuffs, and keep experimenting!

Well,  I know that you have got bored.So I need to stop now.Will share more experiences later.

Share your photography experiences with us……….

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