Diwali Dhamaka!!!!!

Hey,its that time of the year again.Its Diwali time.Time to light up your house with diyas,pradeeps, and to distribute sweets,family get together and offcourse firecrackers!!!!!!As usual,today in this post of mine I will tell you what not to do this Diwali, in order to keep your ass safe.So here we go,

Dhamaka One

Play safe with chocolate bombs.The name is sweet,but it can leave you with a bitter experience.Every Diwali is incomplete without the dhamaka of chocolate bombs.But make sure,you buy the branded and the trusted ones.Although I sound foolish(no doubt,I am foolish)but still,its more safe.Moreover,don’t ever wait too much to see if you have alighted the bomb properly,as I have seen many guys ending up with a burnt arms and face.You don’t want to look like a wimp on such a beautiful night.

Dhamaka Two

Keep your head safe.Rockets tend to plunge on you from any part of the goddamn sky.You won’t even realize,until you end up with a cracked head,or some other stuff.I know its very hard to follow,but staying vigilant is a way out.Watch out for the fireworks,but beware of the unwanted stuff, which can wreck havoc if it drops on you.

Dhamaka Three

We all love to toy with rockets,don’t we??Just release it from your hands and see it soar high up in the sky or into someone’s bedroom. The later case is dangerous.Many times it has caused deaths and fatal injuries.So make sure that you launch your rocket from a safe area with proper precautions.Fireworks are delightful only in skies and not in bedrooms.

Dhamaka Four

If you are of the kind,who likes to stay aloof from dhamakas and the unavoidable noise all around and just want to enjoy with your family indoor.Please keep the doors and windows properly shut, because girlfriends and firecrackers can catch you when you are off guard.

Dhamaka Five

It is always nice to celebrate Diwali with the most beautiful girl next door.Helping her out to light diyas or whatever.Lighting up fuljharis,rangmasals etc with her. But don’t get lost so much that the stuffs you are playing with can cause you physical damage. But that damage would be negligible if you can woo her.So go for it Tiger!!!!!

Happy Diwali,to all the readers of my blogs, and I promise to produce more fireworks in this space.

So what are you going to toy with this Diwali?????

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2 Responses to Diwali Dhamaka!!!!!

  1. Sayor says:

    as usual, comment less

  2. pm9732 says:

    I spent my Diwali in my own unique way. What about u ??

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